YUMMYWORMS Meal Worm Wild Bird Food, 5 lb

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YUMMYWORMS USA Inc. supplies the highest quality dried mealworms in bulk,5 lbs or 11 lbs.

Our dried meal worms is your best source for the highest quality mealworms shipped to you in great shape so you will receive whole dried mealworms and not just broken pieces.

YUMMYWORMS mealworms make a great treat for most poultry including chickens, ducks, and turkeys but the high protein found in our dried meal worms makes it a great protein supplement too.

When your hens are going through a molt, mealworms will provide an excellent protein boost that can benefit feather growth. Dried meal worm make it easy to work with your hens because with a bag of mealworms in your hand they will follow you anywhere!

Wild Birds like bluebirds, woodpeckers, chickadees, orioles, wrens, and robins will more likely visit your bird feeders if you're providing meal worm along with your regular bird seed. Insects aren't abundantly available to birds year round so providing high energy, high protein mealworm will keep your backyard birds happy all year long.

Ingredients: Dried Mealworms Guaranteed Anaylsis: Protein (min) 49%, Fat (min) 25%, Fiber (max) 9%, Moisture (max) 7%

  • High-energy treat with tons of protein
  • Appeals to a variety of songbirds
  • Important food source for baby birds
  • Attracts new birds to feeders
  • Reclosable package for freshness
  • Ideal for wild garden birds, chickens and other small pets

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