You & Me Sweet Retreat Dog Kennel, Large

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You & Me Sweet Retreat Dog Kennels - Dog Carrier & Portable Dog KennelsCrate and transport your dog in the simple and versatile You & Me Sweet Retreat Dog Kennels. This dog carrier features quality parts and a functional design to provide your pet with safety and security. Portable dog kennels give you and your pet with an easy option for crating during travel. Use the kennel to crate train your pet or create a special den for your furry family member.A dog carrier is an essential tool that can help make travel safer and more comfortable for your pet. Trips to the vet, groomers and any other destination can be improved with a carrier. In cars, carriers keep dogs safe and contained. And at home, they can satisfy your dog's natural instinct to den.The You & Me Sweet Retreat Dog Kennels feature a secure spring latch door, interlocking seams and tough wing-nut fasteners that hold the hard plastic sides together. The kennel can be put together easily in minutes and requires no tools for assembly. The smaller sizes include an ergonomic handle for easy, comfortable lifting. The sides of the dog carrier are ventilated and angled to ensure your pet enjoys constant airflow no matter how you position the carrier at home or in transit.The You & Me Sweet Retreat Dog Kennels come in a variety of sizes. Choose the right one for your dog based on your pet's height and weight. Portable dog kennels should have enough space for your dog to stand up and turn around.These portable dog kennels are suitable for air travel; always check with your airline for specific regulations regarding pet travel.

  • Portable dog kennels are easy to assemble - no tools required
  • Specially designed for your pet's safety and comfort
  • Ideal dog carrier for travel, crate training and more
  • Secure latching door and grate
  • Ergonomic handle on small sizes makes lifting and carrying easy