YML A1144BLU Pagoda Top Cage, Small

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This bird cage comes with one Upward sliding door and two more doors specifically designed to allow easy access to their Feeding cups. Two movable perches provides a place for your bird to Perch as they feed and drink. A clipped on swing provides enjoyment to your bird’s life as they pass time with you. The bottom grate provides a clean environment as droppings occur. Our easy to slide out bottom tray lets you clean with ease. A handle is conveniently placed on top of the cage for handling and with the possibility of using it to hang on a stand. This product comes with 1 cage, 2 perches, 1 swing, 2 Feeding cups, 1 bottom grate, and 1 slide out tray.

  • Main upward sliding door and two more doors with access to Feeding cups
  • Bottom grate and an easy to slide out tray
  • 1/2 inch bar spacing
  • Easy to assemble with clip/Hook style lock

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