What To Purchase And Pack For Equestrian Summer Riding Camp

Attending equestrian summer camp is a dream come true for most children. Summer is a time made even more special with the addition of snapping on riding helmets before mounting a thoroughbred in a new pair of children's riding breeches and paddock boots. It just makes a child feel like they can accomplish anything. This magical experience can also teach many important life skills in addition to providing a great way to get in shape.

It is important to make sure your child has high quality riding equipment to ensure a positive and safe experience at riding camp. Although a cowboy hat and jeans may work just fine for a simple trail ride, children attending equestrian summer riding camps will need riding helmets specifically designed for English riding along with children's riding breeches and paddock boots for hunt seat and dressage.

What You'll Need

After enrolling your child in an equestrian summer riding camp, you should receive a list of required standard equipment along with suggested equipment recommendations. You'll usually find children's riding breeches, paddock boots, and a riding helmet on the list of required items. By sticking with dependable name brands like Equine Couture and Tuffrider for apparel and LAS and International Riding Helmet for helmets, you are sure to purchase safer, high quality products at affordable prices.

Children's riding breeches offer a classic, tailored appearance while allowing your child freedom of movement so they have the feel needed to ride well. Good breeches will protect your child's legs, but they also work to help your child maintain contact with the saddle and the horse. By seeking a well-known brand, you will find the quality needed for safety and performance. Riding helmets made from new lightweight materials with sun visors are popular for equestrian summer camps. Seek a retailer that offers plenty of resources for making the best choice in addition to clear sizing information by manufacturer, as fit can often differ between manufacturers.

Extra Details To Consider

Extra details can make your child's equestrian summer camp experience even better than just basic equipment. Just imagine your child arriving at camp with a professional looking riding shirt, pair of riding gloves, a crop, and an equipment bag. While one pair of paddock boots and one riding helmet will do, you should consider purchasing an extra pair of children's riding breeches. You never know when your child might spill on them, tear them, or even lose them. In addition, horses are messy and providing your child with a second pair of children's riding breeches just makes good sense.

Other extra details to consider include a water bottle, towel, and horse grooming equipment. This will make your child feel more professional and he or she may enjoy the grooming process even more when they have their own equipment. Since most equestrian riding summer camps end with a show, you might also consider purchasing a show coat for your child. Just imagine how great your child will feel and look in the ring with well-tailored children's riding breeches, polished paddock boots, a professional riding shirt, and a show coat along with riding gloves and a nice riding helmet. Not only will your child enjoy the show even more, but he or she will also look the part and will ride better and safer as they show off their new equestrian skills in the ring.

Size Is Important

When you're new to horseback riding, you won't usually have the expertise to know what details to look out for when fitting your child for apparel and equipment. The most important aspect is sizing. Don't buy riding apparel and equipment too large for your child thinking he or she will grow into it. Loose fitting products are dangerous. Always invest in safety by purchasing children's riding breeches, paddock boots, and riding helmets that fit well.

Children's riding breeches should fit snugly and feature soft, breathable fabric, knee and seat grips, a full seat, and a wide, low-rise waistband. Riding helmets are not only a part of your child's riding attire, they are a piece of safety equipment that should fit properly and be ASTM approved. In fact, wearing riding helmets that don't fit is worse than not wearing a riding helmet at all. Remember that paddock boots protect your child's feet from 1,000 pound horses, so make sure they fit well and aren't too big so your child's foot flops around inside.

Your child will learn much more than how to ride a horse at equestrian summer camp. Physical fitness, alertness, cool-headedness, leadership, attention skills, responsibility, compassion, and more are all parts of the equestrian summer camp experience. The right equipment will keep your child safe and will offer them the most positive riding experience possible.