Ware Manufacturing 25-Inch Chew Proof Critter Cage

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Ware Manufacturing's easy to assemble chew proof critter cage measures 25 inches and has a durable all metal design. The powder coated wire cage attaches easily to the metal drop pan, making it easy to assemble and easy to clean. Each wire has 1/2-inch spacing preventing any rodent from escaping. Measures 25-inch width by 12-1/2-inch depth by 12-1/2-inch height.

  • Easy to Assemble Chew Proof Small Pet Cage!
  • Made of Durable Powder Coated Wire that is Chew Proof
  • All Metal Design features an All Metal Drop Pan Prevents Chewing
  • Well Ventilated, Fresh-Air Design
  • 1/2 Inch Wire Spacing
  • Measures 25" X W X 12-1/2" X D X 12-1/2" H

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