Walk in Parrot Cage Aviary – Centurion Cages. Color: PLATINUM – In stock!!

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110" wide x 86" deep x 80" tall. Centurion Cages are the original creator and manufacturer of the walk in aviary! This beautiful cage has panel form construction that bolts together easily. This enclosure comes standard with two escape proof, outside access swivel feeder and 6 stainless steel dishes. Extra food dishes, optional second feeder stations, solid roofs, and many other options are available for purchase on the Centurion Cages website. This cage is the absolute easiest cage to clean! Simply place a sheet of vinyl or linoleum under the cage with newspaper on top to make clean up simple and easy! Walk inside your animal's enclosure to sweep, mop, hang new toys, or to train and spend time with your pets. Excellent choice for parrots, monkeys, exotic animals, toucans, softbills, small primates, squirrels, raccoons, and exotic cats. Give your animals the gift of space today!

  • Beautiful wrought iron parrot walk in cage - very easy to clean! 1" bar spacing
  • Breeder door for nest box attachment or shift cage
  • 3 locking mechanisms per cage, including a key lock
  • Non toxic heavy duty powder coating with easy bolt together panels
  • 6 stainless steel bowls included with 2 escape proof outside access food dish doors.

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