Walk-in Bird Aviary Cage Parrot Macaw Reptile Dog H79xW86xD62 Flight Cage

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Walk-In Bird Aviary - 86W x 62D x 79H inches
Perfect Parrot cages, Toucan cages, Cockatoo cages, or a great African Grey cage!
Huge walk-in bird flight aviary 86inches wide and over 79inches high! A magnificent outdoor African Grey cage, this enclosure will make a beautiful inside or outside large bird cage feature.
This huge bird aviary is a one-of-a-kind amazing home for your flock. The large main aviary door makes these bird cages walk-in friendly, and there is plenty of room in these Parrot cages, Toucan cages or even Cockatoo cages for perches, toys and playstands in these huge custom bird cages!
This big bird cage will make a wonderful addition to your patio, garden or sun room, and will be enjoyed by you and your avian companions for years to come!
Non-toxic and bird safe wrought iron construction with powder coated finish
Latched locks on walk-in door
Swing out feeder doors
3 Stainless steel food cups
Adjustable foot bolts
Great aviary cage for birds and other pets too
Dimensions: 86W x 62D x 79H Inches Bar Spacing: 1 inch
Bar Thickness: 5mm
Overall Product Weight: 385 lbs
Ideal for:
Medium to Large Birds such as Macaws, African Greys, and Cockatoos

  • Walk-in bird avaiary with wrought iron construction powder coated
  • Swivel feed cups
  • Perfect for medium to large birds, such as macaws, african greys and cockatoos
  • 1 inch bar space ajnd 5mm bar thickness
  • Dimension: 86W x 62D x 79H Inches, weight: 385lbs

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