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Whether practicing Agility or burning off energy, this jump set is perfect! Portable enough for taking to the park, picnics or the beach. You could even set them up indoors on rainy days for some extra practice. With this 4 pack of jumps, you can set up a square to practice pivot exercises, or place them in a row to practice distance exercises. You will get 4 jumps with 36in long bars that disconnect in the center to make them very portable as well as a carry bag. The top jump bar displaces for safety and is also adjustable with a pair of jump cups that snap-on and slide to any height. The bottom bar is fixed for stability on any surface and this also makes the jump easy to move. Designed with stabilizing legs so that they will not tip over.

  • Features 4 Portable, Adjustable Jumps that only weigh 14 lbs total.
  • Jumps are 36" and feature adjustable heights from 4" up to 24".
  • Freestanding bases allow for training indoors or outdoors.
  • Includes a sturdy carrying bag and vinyl tape for decorating the jumps.

How to Make Dog Agility Jumps for Practice -  Build your Own Equipment - Siberian Husky

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Materials List:
2 10 foot PVC Poles, 1 inch in Diameter
6 End caps
2 PVC Cross
2 PVC T's
2 3/4 PVC Elbow, Street L's
Magic Market (to mark lines)
A Saw for cutting the PVC
Measuring Tape
Colored Tape for Decorating

Cut the first 10 foot pole into 2 36 inch sections, and 4 12 inch Sections
Cut the 2nd pole into 3 40 inch Sections

REMINDER - These jumps are NOT being made to standard, they are only being made for Practice!


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Agility Jump Practice Equipment Dog Build your Own
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