Top Performance Fresh Pet Shampoo, 17-Ounce

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This Top Performance Fresh Pet shampoo is easy to use, smells great, and the clean scent lasts for weeks. Top Performance fresh pet shampoo is formulated with conditioners to give coats a bright sheen and help stop mats and tangles. Formulated to match the natural pH-balance of pets' coat and skin. Safe for puppies and kittens over 6 weeks old. Reduces mats and tangles for easier comb-outs. Dilutes 7:1. Available in 17-ounce size. Ingredients are tea lauryl sulfate, glycerin, citric acid, and fresh scent fragrance in a mild shampoo base. Dilution Instructions - each gallon of concentrate yields 8 gallons of shampoo. Prepare shampoo by combining 1 part concentrate with 7 parts warm water. Mix thoroughly. Directions for use - Shake well before using. Wet pet's coat completely with warm water. Dispense a generous amount of shampoo into palmof hand and thoroughly massage into pet's coat beginning at head and working back toward's tail. Avoid getting into eyes. Rinse completely. Repeat as necessary. Measures 8-1/3-inch length by 2-1/2-inch width by 2-1/2-inch height.

  • Helps prevent mats and gives coat a bright sheen
  • Natural pH-balanced formula
  • Reduces mats and tangles for easier comb-outs
  • Dilutes 7:1; available in 17-ounce
  • Measures 8-1/3-inch length by 2-1/2-inch width by 2-1/2-inch height

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