Tips to Buy Dog Toys

When you have a trillion options of entertainment today, why not give some options to your cute canine pet too? After all it gives you company and boosts up your mood by wagging its tail and doing the tricks that you have taught it. Then why not treat it with some nice and dog friendly toys?

Choosing the right dog toy for your pooch is very significant. It is not as easy as going to your nearest dog supplies shop, pulling out any toy and giving it to your puppy. You will be laying down your precious bucks if you resort to this methodology. Dogs are also like your children so just like purchasing toys for your kids, you have to give some serious thought before buying dog toys.

There are some tips that would prove to be handy when you go on a shopping spree for your doggy. Make sure that the toys you buy are specially designed for dogs. This is because they are manufactured keeping the nature and habits of dogs in mind. If you give your dog your own tennis ball then chances are 99 to 100 that your canine buddy would tear it off. So if you have to give it balls to play with, go for ones that are dog friendly.

The size of the toy should be according to the size of your pet. If you buy toys that are too small then there is a hazard that your dog will swallow it. If your dog has very tough chewing habits then go or tougher toys. Keep the chewing habits of your pet in mind while shopping for it. If you have selected toys that are easily breakable and can splinter, you need to think again. Check twice that the toys you are buying are made up of non-toxic materials and thus are not a health hazard for your dog.

If you want your puppy to remain active and healthy, then go for toys that encourage exercise and enhance play and fun habits of your dog. You can buy Frisbees, balls, ropes and tugs that will attract your dog to fetch and tug-of-war. These toys also encourage your dog's interaction with human beings and thus are a good tool to develop friendship.

Innovative and modern dog toys include dental health enhancing toys. They are not only beneficial for the tooth and gums of your dog but are also easy to clean. They come in a wide range of variety including dog toys that freshen the breath of dogs. So these toys are a big yes because they are very practical.

If your dog feels depressed and anxious when you are away that leave some toys for it that reduce boredom and separation anxiety and are challenging as well. Such toys include puzzle toys and others that require your dog to work for treats. We suggest that you keep these useful tips in mind while buying dog toys and you will definitely make a wise choice.