The Ultimate Waterproof Non-slip Pet Seat Cover / Hammock and Soft Washable Fleece Dog Bed – 2 Piece Set – 58″ X 54″ Wide + Seat Flaps

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Protect your seats from dog hair, scratches and dirt with our top-of-the line waterproof seat cover that also protects your dog from getting hurt in sudden stops. Every time you hit the brakes or turn quickly, your dog is thrown to the floor. It's a terrible sound. I'm sure you have heard it.


Our seat cover can be attached to the front seat forming a hammock that keeps your dog from falling on the floor.


Dog hair gets all over everything. Our system is designed to trap the dirt, hair, even puppy leaks and saliva from getting on your seats.


Our 2 piece system consists of a top-of-the-line car seat cover and a separate fleece mat. Each piece has a special purpose. The seat cover creates a barrier separating your dog from the seats. The fleece mat comforts your dog and captures dirt and hair so it doesn't spread all over your vehicle.


The car seat cover is water proof. Nothing can get through to your seats even if your pet soils himself or tracks in mud. It can be used alone or with the fleece mat.


Our fleece mat is made from the same fleece used in the best dog beds. It is soft to your dog's skin and reduces the anxiety of traveling. It can be machine washed if it gets dirty.


Our system has all the features you'd expect to find in a top-of-the-line seat covers including full side-to-side non-slip rubber backing, over-sized seat anchors, leather reinforced straps, seat belt access and side flaps.


Show your dog you love him by thinking of his comfort while protecting your car

  • WHY TWO PIECES? Machine washing ruins waterproof seat covers. Dirt and pet hair don't stick allowing hair to spread around the car. Our solution was to recreate the best stand-alone seat covers available and add a 19" x 54" fleece dog bed to capture dirt, sand, hair and even puppy leaks. Dogs love it, its soft like their bed. Plus it can be detached and machine washed and dried for easy cleaning. Use the seat cover alone or with the fleece mat. Two pieces for one low price!
  • SEAT BELT ACCESS / SEAT ANCHORS / LEATHER REINFORCED STAPS - These safety features form a hammock that is anchored to the seats. Anchoring prevents the hammock from collapsing during hard braking or cornering. It keeps your dog from falling on the floor
  • WATERPROOF OXFORD CLOTH WITH SIDE FLAPS AND RUBBER NON-SLIP BACK -Side flaps keep your seats clean and prevent scratches. A 54" x 19.25" non-slip rubber backing keeps the seat cover stays in place. Seat covers that slip or move could cause your dog to trip and get hurt. If weight is an indicator of quality materials, ours is among the heaviest.
  • FULL WIDTH STORAGE POCKET / NYLON STORAGE BAG - Our storage pocket is on the "people" side of the seat cover for easy and safe access. It measures 54" x 17". It's huge. We tested plastic storage bags but they ripped after a few uses. It made us angry. We designed a reusable nylon bag that lasts and lasts.
  • DOG GONE TIP - Put the fleece mat in your dog's bed at night. When you put it in the car, he'll think he is in bed. Most dogs wont soil their bed automatically keeping your car cleaner. Roll it up and take it into friend's homes and dog-friendly cafes like a portable dog bed. Your pet will love you for it!