The Practical Canary Handbook: A Guide to Breeding & Keeping Canaries

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Whether you are a first time pet owner or an experienced breeder, this is the one reference you need on your bookshelf!

This book was written to provide novice canary fanciers with the practical, detailed information needed to be successful in caring for and breeding all types of canaries. Containing valuable information on canary selection, feeding, housing, health, breeding, and more, The Practical Canary Handbook is a truly unique guide to caring for these beautiful creatures. Special attention is given to the American Singer canary, which is one of the most popular breeds in the United States today.

You'll learn about basic canary care, what to feed (and not to feed) your birds, canary health issues, breeding (including the tips and tricks only experienced breeders know), how to care for your birds during the molt, exhibiting, what to look for in your canary's song, and much more.

The Practical Canary Handbook has been praised as an invaluable resource by a number of experienced breeders- it is sure to become a classic!

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