The Percher Portable Training Bird Perch

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The Perched is comprised of a textured perch, a protective cone, a grip handle and a decorative base. Universal perch accommodates birds of all sizes while protective cone catches bird droppings and keeps inquisitive beaks away when used in a hand-held configuration. The Perched boasts easy-to-clean plastic construction and simple, tool-free assembly. Great perch for African Greys, Cockatiel, Conjures, Parakeets, Senegal's, Amazons, Lovebirds and any bird that loves out-of-cage attention. Portable perch and training tool Portable perch and training tool Hand held or free standing Six configurations and gathers waste.

  • Portable perch and training tool
  • Hand held or free standing
  • Six configurations and gathers waste

A simple DIY video I made to test out ReelDirector app and video capabilities of my iPhone 4.

Note: 3/4" is on the large side for a cockatiel. While it's usable, you may want to use 1/2" instead. The nice thing is with this method no matter what size you use the perch ends up with varied sizes. Which, as any bird owner knows, is a plus.

Production Notes for ReelDirector:

• Editing is pretty straightforward and easy. LIttle frustrating trying to find the split/crop point when you can't play the video in split/crop mode. So i just play the video normal and pay attention to the time stamp.

• Rendering: This 00:07:22 clip took about 2.5-3 hrs to render. granted the last half our to hour i was watching netflix, but it had less that 5% to go by the time i started at the 2.5 hour mark.

• Upload: The authentication with YouTube just sat there and spun, so I exported it to the film roll and uploaded it via the default UI. The crappy part is that downgrades the audio below HD. I'd like to see an update fixing the authentication issue to determine whether or not ReelDirector will export to YouTube in HD.

All in all its a cool little app. It gives you a lot of control, and lets you import audio, etc. When I picked it up it was .99, a dollar less than iMovie for the iPhone. I'll try that at some point.
Video Rating: 4 / 5