The Original ChillaShelves Large Poplar Wood Chinchilla Cage Shelf Ledge 5 Pack

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The shelves in this five pack are made from untreated kiln dried poplar wood and are sanded to prevent any sharp corners that can poke your pet's eyes. These shelves are designed with chinchillas in mind but are suitable for most other small ground animals. All wood used is untreated and is guaranteed sap free. Poplar was chosen for our wood type as poplar is denser than kiln dried pine and lasts longer with pets who chew frequently. Each single shelf is 6 x 6 x 1 cubic inches. Every pack of shelves comes with a free sample of our organic ChillaSticks and organic meadow hay. Our ChillaSticks consist of Organic apple wood chew sticks from a local Sacramento certified organic farm as well as a sample of meadow hay.

  • Comes with a bonus snack pack of
    organic apple sticks and meadow hay.
  • Made from untreated sap-free poplar wood which lasts longer than pine.
  • Sanded to prevent sharp corners means safe for your pet.
  • Shelf is 6 x 6 x 1 inches.
  • Pack of 5 shelves.

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