The AVIATOR Bird Harness & Leash – the only truly safe bird restraint system and the only ESCAPE PROOF pet bird harness – Medium – Blue

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The Aviator Bird Harness & Leash comes complete with 40 min. DVD showing: Installation and safe use of the AVIATOR Bird Harness ... Training your pet (including older birds) to love the AVIATOR Bird HarnessĀ ... Teaching your bird to fly outside with the AVIATOR Bird Harness

  • Medium Aviator Harness for birds weighing between 425-600 grams or 15 - 21 oz: average to large eclectuses; medium macaws (severe, red fronted), large amazon parrots (double yellow, yellow nape), umbrella cockatoos and average to large african greys
  • ESCAPE-PROOF! With other brands of harnesses, your bird can easily remove the leash and harness. The Aviator Harness keeps yourpet safe and secure.
  • Self-adjusting leash: Automatically adjusts from the chest to the back as the bird climbs and flies. Fewer pressure contact points on bird.
  • The strong steel slides have been powder-coated black to make them unattractive as toys. However, we have not heard of any bird yet that was able to break it.
  • Easiest to install - one piece design - No buckles or clips.

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