Tetra 16162 TetraColor Tropical Flakes, 7.06-Ounce, 1-Liter

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This natural color-enhancing food is a wonderful supplement to the diet of any tropical fish.

Quality Nutrition for Tropical Fish

Tetra has been revolutionizing and improving fish nutrition since the company’s birth in Germany in 1951. Since that time, Tetra has developed one of the most comprehensive bodies of flake fish food knowledge in the world. A full team of biologists, chemists, and nutritionists continually study and discover what keeps fish thriving and living long, healthy lives.

TetraColor Tropical Flakes

TetraColor Tropical Flakes work to promote the natural pink to orange-red colors of tropical fish. This formula does not cloud water when used as directed, and is packed with patented ProCare for optimal health. A precise dose of select vitamins and nutrients support immune system health while Omega-3 fatty acids promote energy and growth. For best results, feed TetraColor Tropical Flakes in conjunction with TetraMin Flakes staple diet.

Clean, Clear Water

Tetra formulas feature micro milled, exotic, high-protein fish meal as a core ingredient—making them pure and digestible with fewer colorants. This leads to less waste and a cleaner, clearer aquarium.

Pick the TetraMin That's Right for Your Fish

TetraColor Tropical Flakes Ideal supplement for all tropical fish. Promotes beautiful color and nutrition.
TetraColor PLUS Tropical Flakes Nutritionally balanced TetraColor with additional color enhancement for Maximum beauty.
TetraColor Tropical Crisps Advanced technology food for intense color enhancement. Floats longer than flakes.
TetraColor Tropical Granules A great way to bring out the beautiful colors of large tropical fish. Slow-sinking to reach mid-water and bottom-feeding fish.

World Class Menu for Every Fish Type

Tetra understands that every fish is unique. For this reason, they have created a full menu of food to help meet the needs of every fish; from bottom feeders to top-feeders and small Bettas to Large Cichlids.


Flakes: Flakes make up the most popular type of fish food. Tetra flakes are formulated to keep water clean and clear and include ProCare for added health benefits.


Crisps: Tetra crisps float longer and create less waste. Crisps are ideal for small and medium-sized fish.


Granules: Bite-sized morsels sink slowly to reach all fish in your aquarium, including mid-water feeders.


Tablets: Tablets are complete, balanced nutrition that sink quickly for all bottom-feeding fish such as catfish and loaches.

algae wafers

Algae Wafers: Large, sinking wafers are perfect for veggie loving bottom feeders like piecostomus catfish.


Sticks: Complete and balanced sticks provide hearty nutrition to larger fish such as Oscars, Cichlids, and marine fish.


Pellets: This floating food is ideal for mid to large sized fish like Cichlids and Goldfish. Tiny pellets are available for Bettas.

gel foods

Gel Foods: Innovative Grazing Blocks are great for long periods away from home. Gel Foods strive to feed fish the way they would eat in nature.


Supplements/Treats: Great in conjunction with Tetra’s Primary diets, these foods provide healthy variety for fish.

  • The Supplement that Promotes Beautiful Color in all Tropical Fish
  • TetraColor Flakes promote beautiful color in all tropical fish and can be fed daily, alternating with Spirulina foods and treats
  • Enhanced with vitamin C and the patented health-enhancing ProCare from TetraMin

Showing a demonstration of Reef Gently's AccliMate using food coloring within the water to show the exchange.

• Saves fish through stress reduction and disease prevention
• Saves time using AccliMate's Advanced-Automated-Acclimation process
• Saves money & space by trapping, isolating & dipping -- all in one unit!

With our new, patent-pending automatic acclimation system, the process of acclimating is not only easier for you, but safer for the species. The AccliMate™ promotes species health and reduces potential loss by eliminating 'net stress.' The inner tank design allows all species to be transferred without using spine-catching nets. When the AccliMate™ is used to transport species directly from a live fish store, fish can be transported and acclimated in the same unit! Less handling means less stress which means healthier fish.

The AccliMate's™ easy-to-use, automated design now allows you to set it and walk away. The user regulated, dual siphon, Continuous Exchange System (CES) slowly replaces store water with your aquarium water. Unlike other methods of acclimation, that can cross contaminate your aquarium's water with up to 30% of fish store water, the AccliMate's™ CES process exchanges out -- almost all -- store water to minimize potential harm to your tank's eco system. The iron-grip suction cups not only allow quick and secure mounting of the AccliMate™ to the outside or inside of your aquarium, they can be positioned and re-positioned in a flash without scratch damage to acrylic or glass surfaces.

With its clear acrylic design and quick-sliding trap door/lid, the AccliMate™ also functions as an easy-to-use fish trap. Simply attach the provided release line to the sliding door, prime the AccliMate™ with appropriate bait, position it in the tank at the appropriate height for the fish being targeted, raise the trap door and you are ready. It's that easy! Catch shrimp, crabs and other species with ease compared to using home-made traps. To use as a bristle worm trap, just place the inner box upside down in the outer box. Drop in some bait and lower into the aquarium. The bristle worms will crawl in through the inner box drain holes to go after the bait. Once in, they're caught!

The AccliMate™ allows you to transport fish or other species right from your live fish store and, then acclimate them in the same unit! Just ask to have the fish (and store water) placed directly into the AccliMate™, close the AccliMate™ with the Velcro-secured sliding lid, and you're ready to go. By using the AccliMate™ to transport, there's one less transfer required and less stress on the fish or other species.
With the two tank design, the AccliMate™ allows for both in-tank isolation and out-of-tank quarantine. For in-tank isolation, the AccliMate's inner tank, with flow-through holes, can be secured to the inside walls of the aquarium using suction cups that are provided. The AccliMate's™ outer tank is ideal for use as a quarantine or medicating unit, which can be mounted to the aquarium's exterior or set on a table. Other uses include fresh water dipping, breeder pen, coral dipping, targeted feeding unit or taking to a frag swap!
Quality Construction
The AccliMate™ is constructed of durable, thermoformed (no glue!) clear acrylic for years of service. Each unit comes with industrial grade suction cups, clear 1/8" ID water exchange tubing and a micro control valve with variable drip-rate adjustment for acclimating various aquatic life. -- from the hardy critters to the most delicate animals.
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