Teika® Microwave Egg Boiler Cooker Chicken Shaped Egg Poacher Plastic for 4 Eggs Kitchen Exclusive Electric Egg Cooker Aluminum

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Teika Microwave egg boiler cooks up to 4 eggs at the same time, choose from soft, medium or hard-boiled. Our microwave egg boiler is suit any eggs. We are pride of our product quality.

Every Tool You Need Is in This Complete Set

Simply place eggs into the egg genie, add the required amount of water using the provided measuring cup and turn the unit on. The steam will cook the eggs, so you can have perfectly boiled eggs every time. Amount of water controls cooking time, alert lets you know when the eggs are done. Make a breakfast favorite, create delicious appetizers or a nutritious snack in no time.

Microwave Boiled eggs are tender and nutritious. The fabulous egg boiler come in really handy when you are craving for some poached eggs in the morning. The kitchen egg boiler is made from sturdy, microwave and food save plastic. Aluminum egg boiler for cooking 1-4 eggs at a time.

How to use:

1. Pour the water into the bottom of the egg-steaming cooker to reach the water-line target.

2.Put the whole egg into the egg-steaming cooker.

3. Regulate the top cover and fasten it.

4. Adjust the doneness of eggs according to your personal taste.

5.When you set the microwave oven to be "400-500W; (About medium-height fire), the referenced cooking time is as follow:

---Well cooking about eight minutes

---Half cooked about seven minutes

---A little cooked about six minutes


*Please refer to this direction before using it, we won¡¯t include user manual in the package.

*After heating, please mind the vapor when opening the cover.

*This item is NOT an electric Egg Cooker.

Package Included:

1 x Microwave 4 Egg Boiler.

  • Chicken shaped egg poacher plastic microwave boiler cooker for 4 eggs Kitchen and new product with high quality.
  • Aluminum flat heating plate. Easy to wash. Sleek designing, high build quality and easy and fast operation. Safe automatic power turn-off and over-temperature protection functions
  • Boiled eggs can be kept fresh, soft and nutritious through boiling. For soft, medium or hard boiled eggs in minutes, Interior shelf holds up to 4 eggs upright.
  • The product is made with aluminum and plastic, the size is suit for any eggs of 6" x 5". It's cooking up to 4 hard or soft boiled eggs in minutes and instructions in the package. We suggest that it suit hand wash.
  • Microwave egg boiler for hard or soft boiled eggs, and it is no piercing required, cooks up to four hard, medium or soft eggs, manually off and built.

Per request, this is a video guide to the construction of the automatic egg turner I created for my incubator. Good luck and thanks for watching!