This Black flexi Freedom Retractable Dog Leash is for medium dogs that weigh 44 pounds or less and features a Black soft grip handle. Its retractable cord extends up to 16 feet and has a coordinating Black lead. The flexi Freedom leash is our...

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It's the aquarium that cleans itself! With the My Fun FishTM cleaning tank, cleaning an aquarium has never been so easy. Just pour clean water in, and watch as dirty water pours out through the disposal tube. A great gift for first-time pet...

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This Red flexi Explore Soft Grip Retractable Dog Leash is for small dogs that weigh 26 pounds or less. This leash features a Black soft grip handle and its retractable cord extends up to 23 feet and has a coordinating Red lead. The flexi Explore...

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Dog beds can have anything on them, including drool, hair that's been shed or even left over scraps from a favorite bone or treat they munched on. In as little as a couple of weeks a brand new bed can start to look like it hasn't seen a clean day in years. If you are using a bed that you aren't able to wash you really can't do much of anything except use sprays to cover the terrible smell and hide it so other people can't see.

One quick and simple solution to solve a problem like this is to buy a washable dog bed instead. Doing this means you won't have to worry about spraying a bed down anymore so you won't have to deal with the smell. It also means you won't be worried with hiding it whenever guests arrive either. To keep it looking great you just have to toss it in the washing machine on a routine basis.

All dogs want a comfortable and clean place to lay down for the night, much like we as humans do. Would you go to bed in all that filth yourself? By giving your pet a clean place to sleep you also give him more of a since of security and let him know you love him.

If you don't give any attention to the bed your dog is using it won't be no time until you start to see some gross things like mold and mildew growing on it. Things like that leave a bad odor in your home and are usually crawling with fleas and other things that could spell trouble for your loving pet.

Just how many things that can be found on a dirty dog is an alarming thing. These are the types of things you wouldn't want in other areas of your home, so you definitely don't want them on the place where your dog sleeps either.

Like most pet owners, you probably spend several hundred dollars a year on flea treatments alone, but without cleaning your dogs bed you are doing nothing but wasting all that money. It doesn't really matter how much you work to get rid of fleas off your pet if you keep letting them lay down on a bed that hasn't been cleaned of the ones living on there.

Essentially, a washable dog bed doesn't just provide a solution for an eye sore or a smell in your home. It also serves as just one more way you can ensure your pet is as healthy and happy as possible. After all, a healthy and happy pet is what you want and you don't want your little furry friend feeling crummy all the time just because he sleeps on a dirty bed when you can easily fix the problem with very little effort.

The much anticipated call from your breeder has arrived. He or she informs you that the brand new puppy has came. Getting a dog crate is among the most significant purchases you may make as being a dog owner. Apart from accelerating the method associated with house-breaking and also a area to rest, any doggie crate provides a safe haven and the security of the den like sense.

One of the actual very first instruction routines an individual will probably embark on as the happy master for a completely new doggy is usually potty training. A new pet crate can certainly minimize this time period in 1 / 2 whenever sized correctly. The actual dog house ought to be big enough meant for your canine to be able to stretch out and about, get up plus flip about, however not necessarily so big that they can easily snuggle up in a single corner whilst leaving three-quarters in the actual crate bare.

Dogs will certainly not defecate where they snooze or even eat and so getting the proper size cage is important with regard to housebreaking. This does not necessarily imply that the brand new puppy should be expected to hold her business for 8 working hours whenever they first arrive home. Good house-breaking consistently requires a period of time since new pups will have to relieve themselves every 1 / 2 hr for the 1st full week or two thus possibly be ready.

Precisely what a puppy cage could do regarding potty training is make certain that they will probably request to go outside the house whenever the actual occasion arrives instead of using his or her cage or even your carpet. Yet again, that is dependent on purchasing the right size cage. Unless of course you will plan to get a new crate whenever the puppy is entirely grown, acquiring any doggy cage that can grow with the puppy can be a fantastic purchase.

Life Stage puppy crates just like the one from Midwest include a moveable section which is actually bundled together with the actual crate which makes it possible for pet owners the versatility of boosting the actual size regarding the inside to support your canines progress. In order to give that den like feel employ a bath towel or little blanket positioned on the divider which means that the actual crate "seems" the proper dimensions for your pet.

For just about all canines and especially little puppies, any cage provides a safe haven. Anxiety felt by compact dogs living within a lively house is actually the fear connected with getting trampled. Vets have stated numerous damaged bones in small dogs is due to unintentionally getting stepped on by a family member. The secure haven designed for your own puppy suggests just that, any puppy cage is in no way to be used for disciplining them severely. The last thing virtually any dog owner ought to do is actually raise his or her voice, force their puppy within the dog house, and additionally shut him or her inside. A time-out place is definitely for human little children not necessarily for your puppy.

Mainly because of the dog crates den like feel they are excellent regarding reducing anxiety whenever travelling. Puppy travel crates can come in a range of designs from tough plastic material to pop-up outdoor living travel dog crates. Going to the hectic Vet office may be a intimidating encounter for any small puppy and keeping them safe and secure within the puppy crate could relieve the stress they experience.

Lastly, a dog crate can keep an individual's pooch out of trouble whenever they are kept home alone. Dependent on your type canines mature with various rates. For some canines maturity happens by the age of 2 even though for other dogs it may be age three. Although a canine ought to spend absolutely no more than an 8 hour stretch secured inside the cage, dog crates give dog owners the actual peace of mind that their canine will certainly not tear up your home or perhaps harm themselves while you are away to work or perhaps running a particular errand.

Once aged as much as necessary an individual can keep the actual cage doorway open so that your canine can easily come as well as go as necessary providing a person the possibility to buy a designer pet crate. These types of crates look like a good quality piece of furniture such as an end table or perhaps nightstand doubling as the pet crate. Some of these are generally wonderful for adding certain fashion to an individual's household whilst furnishing a fabulous comfy dwelling designed for your own canine.


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Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) January 19, 2007

The thousands of proud pet owners who purchased their ergonomic pet beds from Dura-Bull Dog Bedz will soon get to see their products in action on nationwide TV, as the revolutionary pet bed supplier announces their durable dog beds will be featured in an infomercial airing on the Animal Planet and Versus cable networks.

The infomercial will showcase the superior quality of the Dura-Bull Dog Bedz products and their benefits to both pets and their owners. The pet bed supplier has experienced unusual success in the marketplace by becoming the first to supply high-end pet beds to mainstream consumers. Until Dura-Bull Dog Bedz became widely available, such orthopedic dog beds were generally only marketed to American Kennel Club members and other groups of purebred and show dog owners.

Prior to the company's inception, Dura-Bull Dog Bedz owner Richard Collins was becoming fed up with the sub-standard materials and construction that went into the beds that were being marketed to the general public. He intended to construct durable dog beds that would last for a lifetime, while allowing simple maintenance and providing more comfort to animals.

"Dura-Bull Dog Bedz are simply unlike any other products available," Collins explains. "These beds are built to last, and they can just be quickly wiped clean."

Dura-Bull Dog Bedz feature memory foam construction that provides the maximum level of comfort to the animals that use them. They are resistant to pests, odors, dirt, water and urine and are covered with marine quality, rip-stop vinyl to make them completely waterproof. Dura-Bull Dog Bedz serves an audience that includes everyday pet owners, breeders, boarding services, kennels and veterinary hospitals.

Collins and Dura-Bull Dog Bedz aren't keeping their success all to themselves; in September 2006, the company announced a corporate partnership with Guide Dogs for the Blind, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing the visually impaired community with well trained guide dogs at no charge. The overall cost of training both the dogs and their handlers can be prohibitive for many who need guide dogs to allow more mobility and independence. Operating entirely on private donations, Guide Dogs for the Blind has been able to provide more than 10,000 guide dogs to eligible handlers since the non-profit began in 1942. Through their strategic partnership, Dura-Bull Dog Bedz supports the organization by donating a portion of each sale to their fund.

To purchase the most comfortable and durable dog beds or to learn more about the most heralded pet bed supplier, Dura-Bull Dog Bedz, please visit Dura-BullDogBedz.com.

About Dura-Bull Dog Bedz:

Dura-Bull Dog Bedz specializes in top-quality beds for any size pet. Their products are extraordinarily durable, chew-resistant, weatherproof, and resistant to water, pests and odors. They are constructed from high-density memory foam to provide the best ergonomic and skeletal support.


This Black flexi Durabelt Retractable Dog Leash is for small and medium dogs that weigh 44 pounds or less. This leash features a coordinating Black retractable belt that extends up to 16 feet. This leash is perfect for typical walking environments...

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