Houston, Texas (PRWEB) December 31, 2012

Funny Fur, a leading online and Houston luxury pet boutique, is celebrating National Pet Travel Safety Day on January 2nd and all month long with a sale on pet car safety products, travel pet accessories and travel pet carriers. With hopes to raise public awareness of the need for pet travel safety, Funny Fur will be showcasing travel products and tips throughout January on social media sites Twitter, Facebook, and on their blog, La La Doggy.

“Many pets are severely injured or perish in car accidents because owners are unaware of the potential dangers of an unsecured pet or they just think they are careful drivers and dismiss the thought of getting into a car accident. But accidents happen everyday and many times it’s the fault of another careless driver.” Says Karen Clark, Funny Fur Associate. “The only thing to do is protect yourself, your family and your pets from potential injury as well as possible. Investing in a pet travel safety product is investing in your pet’s life.”

There are many pet products available that can prevent car-related injuries. Special dog harnesses with seatbelt attachments or backseat tethers are great for large dogs. They allow them to be safe and secure, while offering pets the space and comfort they need on car trips. Options for small dogs include a secured pet crate or car booster seats with safety tethers. Many travel pet carriers also convert into car seats with seat belt attachments. Funny Fur also offers a product called the Backseat Barrier, which prevents pets from jumping into the front of the car and distracting the driver, and should an accident occur, prevents them from hitting or going through the windshield. As an added bonus, many car safety products also act as a seat cover, protecting your car’s interior against dirt, pet hair and damage.

Learn about pet safety while traveling this January with Funny Fur. Log onto their website and social media sites for product info, travel tips and special discounts on pet travel gear all month long.

About Funny Fur

Funny Fur is a luxury pet boutique dedicated to helping pet owners find everything they fancy with convenience and ease, all in one place, for their stylish dogs. Happy dogs and their smitten pet parents dig there for fashion forward designer dog apparel and clothes, one of a kind doggy couture wear, fashionable pet carriers, designer dog accessories, collars & harnesses, eco-friendly grooming & spa care, novelty dog toys, handmade pet jewelry, organic dog treats, pet furniture, premium and all natural & holistic pet foods and treats, and other fabulous dog gifts and goodies. "At Funny Fur, you can turn your pup into a prince or princess. Everything dog, everyday™. Happy pets dig here™. And that's the way we like it." Funny Fur contributes to local animal rescues and other non-profit organizations dedicated to the wellness of animals.


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Mountain Home, ID (PRWEB) June 23, 2011

Web entrepreneurs Barry and Kim Kubala are proud to introduce their blog, which accompanies their business site, http://www.PuddlesPetCarrier.com. The small business was established in 2008 and expanded to include the pet supply website in August 2009.

“Years ago we raised Pomeranians, so going into this line of business was a natural extension,” said Barry. “We use many of the products on the site with our one dog and three cats, so we can personally attest to the product quality.”

At PuddlesPetCarrier.com pet owners are invited to browse a vast array of pet goods. There are collars and colorful toys specially made for feline friends, as well as bird food and cage accessories for feathered friends. Spoil man’s best friend with squeaky toys, adorable pajamas, rain coats and sweater jackets, and mahogany stained food and drink bowls. For safety, first aid kits for treating minor scratches or stabilizing serious conditions until a veterinarian can be reached are a must-have for all responsible pet owners. Orthopedic beds, cooling mats, and other specialty items help pets cope with aging and ailments.

The crowning jewel of the site is its collection of pet carriers and crates. These folding zippered carriers, car boosters, and backpack pet carriers are designed to ensure maximum comfort and safety for pets during travel. No longer do pets have to be put in a kennel or left in a car when the family goes on vacations or day trips.

“Pets are really full members of the family,” said Barry. “You wouldn’t leave your child home while you went off on vacation. We’ve done extensive research on carriers that allow owners to bring their furry family members along for the fun.”

The PuddlesPetCarrier.com team is committed to providing a convenient, secure shopping experience to every customer. That same commitment extends to offering the lowest prices on the highest quality pet carriers, dog beds and crates. Queries and comments are welcomed and responded to promptly by a friendly, knowledgeable staff member.

“We try to be extremely cost-conscious, so every owner can afford quality, practical carriers that are comfortable for pets and fit within a family’s active lifestyle,” said Barry.

For additional product information, visit the site’s brand new blog, http://www.PuddlesPetCarrierBlog.com. The Kubalas provide valuable advice from their years as pet owners. Their posts direct attention to first aid kits for dogs, helping aging pets cope with arthritis, and other ailment solutions that lead to happier, healthier pets.

About the Company:

PuddlesPetCarrier.com – a division of Kubears Spectrum, LLC – is owned and operated by web entrepreneurs Barry and Kim Kubala. The inspiration behind the company name comes from the Kubalas’ son who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at a young age. Their son’s happiness and love of animals helped the Kubala family develop the website for the safety and caring of their pets.

Barry and Kim Kubala


(801) 791-2175 (day); (208) 587-0779 (evening)

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Yuletide season is just around the corner and its perfect time to break away and relax on holidays. Just because you are traveling for the holiday does not mean your best friend dog and pets have to stay home. As per experience, having pets on travel and vacation is far lot different and exciting. Traveling with pets is easy and comfortable now with lots of innovative and reliable pet travel products.

This Pet Street Mall will guide you through the essential and must have pet needs that will ensure safety and comfort for your pet while traveling. Weather you are traveling these holidays by car or plane, we are confident we have the pet travel item for you. Check out this list of top pet travel needs every pet should have.

Airline Approved Pet Carrier. Traditionally known as Porters, Taxis, Carriers, and Kennels; they are now known as pet cages or crates. Airline Approved Pet Carriers are sturdy covered door posts for a durable long lasting product. They have strong wire mesh doors to keep your pets secure while creating a comfortable air flow. These fashionable pet carriers come in variety of colors and sizes and are 100% Airline approved so you won't experience any costly mishaps and delays. When choosing, always make sure your pet fits well in its crate. The pet should be able to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably in the cage. It is essential too to properly train & orient your dog to use the pet carriers and discourage any aggressive behavior in the kennel like biting, chewing, licking, ramming, or pawing.

Pet Travel Crates. These containment systems are designed Specifically to fit "Side-by-Side" in SUV & Van Rear Compartments. They are portable, has safe & secure slide bolt latches and surely tough yet easy to clean ABS plastic pan. Finished in a long lasting Black Epoxy Powder and comfortable plastic carrying handle already included. PetStreetMall offers free shipping on all pet crates and their premier customer service department has not only helped customers nationwide select the correct crate.

Dog Vehicle Barriers. They are mainly used in Sport Utility Vehicles to safely secure your dog in the rear of the vehicle. This will keep your dog safely away from the driver and other occupants. Dog vehicle Barriers are offered in either a tubular or mesh design. If an extension can also be purchased if needed. They come in small, medium and large tubular barriers for all SUVs and Mini-buses. Soft Net Vehicle Pet Barrier is also available, made with micro-mesh material which is actually easier to see through than metal tube-style barriers.

Pet Travel Bowls & Dog Food Bags. Travel bowls are collapsible food dishes that is perfect for traveling, hiking or when simply visiting parks. Dog food bags are collapsible food containers too for much easier and less mess food containment.

Dog Car Seats. Pet car seat provides a safe and secure place for dogs on car while traveling. Dog Car Seat will limit pets from wandering inside the car, yet it provides him with a comfortable place to enjoy the ride. While providing your dog with his own special seat in your car, it will also keep your car seat clean and damage-free. With dog car seats, you wont have to worry about the safety of your dog while enjoying the out of town trip.

Pet Seat Belts, Buckles and Dog Car Harness. Like people, dogs also need the same kind of security when they are about to travel. Dog seat belt is the proper restraining of your dog in a safe area inside the car. It is also important to place your dog in a secured seat for him to enjoy the beauty outside while having a ride. Pet buckle ensures that your dog will behave properly while enjoying the ride and prevents him from hitting the hard interior of your vehicle when theres a sudden stop. And once a dog car harness is worn on your pet during your long road trip, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your pet will not roam or create damage inside you car.

Car Seat Covers and Pet Cargo Mats. Having a seat cover is definitely one of the best techniques in keeping your vehicles interior in good condition. Aside from protecting your car seat, your dog can comfortably lie on this cover because of the soft materials used. If ever the seat cover is already dirty, all you need to do is to remove it and wash it right away! Aside from the beauty and cleanliness it brings to your car, dog seat cover is used to provide superb comfort to your pet. Your dog can snooze and rest on this smooth seat cover during travel. For SUV cars, high quality pet cargo mats will keep your car stain and grime free even if you always bring your dog with you. SUV cargo mats are easy to sanitize and can be the best protection of your dog against any kind of weather.

Even the indoor pet in your family will need to venture outdoors occasionally during times of cold weather. Take precautions and use the tips below to prepare your dog or cat for winter weather.

For always outdoor pets:

Feed your outside pet more food in the winter months. Animals put on extra body fat in the colder months to produce more body heat.

Your pets’ living quarters should be dry, insulated, and as wind proof as possible without restricting access. Wind chill is a deadly enemy. Newspaper or cardboard make a nice layer of extra insulation.

Keep your pets water from freezing. Your pet still needs water in the winter and if their water is frozen, they might try eating snow or worse, find something that looks to be water called anti-freeze which will surely kill them. Search the internet to find a method that works for you. Don’t use metal bowls that their tongues could stick to.

Check on your pet often. If you see ice or snow sticking to them, make adjustments to give them a warmer and dryer living space. Consider installing a pet door on your garage or storage shed. For you outdoor cat owners, honk your horn before starting that vehicle. Cats will find your car’s engine compartment a nice warm place to sleep.

For the pets that go outside on occasion:

Consider purchasing several items of dog clothing for your pet. Clothes for dogs and cats are becoming more and more popular. Pet clothing stores offer dog shirts, dog sweater, and dog coats to help keep your dog warm. If you have a smaller breed, a collection of cute dog clothes including dog hoodies for winter can be a fashionable and practical investment for your priceless pet.

Extreme cold can lead to frostbite, especially on the shorthair breeds. Check them for symptoms often. If any icy build up is present, give your pet a nice warm bath or use a warm damp cloth to remove the ice. Consider outfitting your pet with booties that will keep those precious paws warm and dry.

Don’t allow them to eat snow. I can contain dangerous objects and/or chemicals.

Use pet clothing, like dog coats or dog sweaters:

Consider purchasing a couple of dog sweaters or dog coats for your pet this winter. Pet clothing is not just for playing dress up with your pet. Dog clothes will help your pet maintain body heat. The large variety of cute dog clothes offered by most pet clothing stores usually include dog shirts, dog or cat bandanas, and designer dog collars, dog leashes, and harnesses. The styles of dog clothes are becoming more trendy and casual. Cute dog clothes with cool screen print and rhinestone designs are becoming more and more popular in the pet clothing industry and with consumers worldwide. Clothes for dogs belonging to the younger generations are also popping up everywhere. With a dual purpose of protecting your pet during cold weather and making them look cute and cool, you really can’t go wrong.

Dogs and cats are actually much tougher than us when it comes to braving the cold, but with very little effort you can make your pet much more comfortable this winter. Use the tips listed above, along with your own, to protect your pet during cold weather. They will love you for it.


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