Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 01, 2011

DogGeekz, an online source for high quality dog supplies, announces their 365 Day Return Policy and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all dog products – just in time for the holidays.

Dogs can now combat the upcoming Holiday chill with a warm dog bed to ensure a restful nights sleep. Dog Beds are an essential part of life for all dogs regardless of size, breed, and age. A good quality dog bed provides insulation from cold floors during the Fall and Winter seasons and cushion for joints and bones.

Too keep dogs from getting bored indoors, a dog toy will keep them occupied and mentally stimulated. Dog toys come in handy during the colder months, when dogs usually spend more time indoors. Providing a chew toy, interactive dog toy, or plush dog toy will help keep the pooch out of trouble and help keep them on Santa's good list.

Samuel Nieves, founder of DogGeekz.com says, "With the 365 Day Return Policy and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee in place, dog owners can now shop stress free. Many times, dog owners buy their beloved pets gifts for their birthday or simply out of love. On occasion, these dog items don't get used – instead, they sit, brand new, in a box, for months! That's where we come in. Returning them for exchange, credit, or refund is a breeze! Simply ship the items back in their original, brand new condition with a copy of your invoice for a full refund on the merchandise amount, no questions asked!"

DogGeekz is also announcing future additions to the already powerfully driven eCommerce site – which is to include a large dog article and dog breed information database along with a dog forum where dog owners can share and read dog information. Expect a great transformation early 2012.

About DogGeekz

DogGeekz offers a collection of many of the finest environmentally friendly dog products along with high quality dog supplies. We have a very strong vision at DogGeekz, and that is to live with a deep respect for mother nature and the animals within. We pride ourselves on great customer service and we're showing that by announcing our 365 Day Return Policy and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to the world. From dog beds and dog toys, to dog gates and dog crates, you'll be able to find something truly unique to match your dog's personality. http://www.doggeekz.com

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Cat houses tend to be fabricated from wood and are available loaded holes for your little kitties to crawl interior and exterior and sleep in. Some cat houses come placed on climbing posts providing a great deal more fun for one's cat. Yes, it isn't used just for dogs anymore. Cat houses give a place your cat can call their particular. Not surprisingly they're naturally territorial beasts. Here might have their own place if you don't take over yours.

As primal hunters, it is usually impossible to completely tame your pet dog many owners witness aggressive behaviour every once in awhile if their feline is contained to the indoors.Folks that dwell in rural areas are definitely more concerned about predators and escape and so are aware of keeping their animals contained in the dark. Many horse owners may keep allow their feline friends to settle the stables, or provide indoor sanctuary.

For a person who has got a more impressive garden, deck, or terrace los angeles cpa designs you could choose. If someday you would like to extend your outdoor cat enclosure which gives your cat companions other room, every single piece of kittywalk outdoor cat enclosure products can adhere to 1 another. This supplies the actual owner the freedom to make the cat's outdoor enclosure to her / his specific desires.

Think that a cat house or possibly a cat bed can be quite a good sleeping option for your furry companion? If yes, very best way to pay for an example may be by punching the Internet, which happens to be just as developing a pet store for your fingers. You can just click through every one of the sleeping options that you'll want with regards to your pet in just minutes. Plus, it might be the best way to seek out other suggestions for one's cat too like cat supplies, food, toys, along with cat furniture like kitty gyms, cat trees, steps, and scratching posts. Once you buy what you need, it's going to shipped to you, whatever is pretty convenient when you lead a fastpaced life and don't have enough drive anywhere.

Los Angeles, Ca (PRWEB) August 18, 2011

DogGeekz.com is announcing the release of a dog bed purchasing guide that will help millions of dog owners select the perfect dog bed for their dog. With over hundreds of dog beds to choose from one has to stop and wonder, "its only a dog bed, right?" But the important reality is that no two dogs are the same, even if they are from the same breed. A dog’s stature and sleeping habits play the biggest role in determining which dog bed is best.

A dog’s size will determine the proper construction of the bed. Large breed dogs start off small and cuddly but can quickly outgrow and ruin their puppy bed. Certain dog beds are simply not designed to take the punishment from the cute little pup as it morphs into a 100 lbs beast. Most dog beds in these cases 'bottom out' and loose their orthopedic support. Larger dogs also age faster and thus are prone to arthritis and other bone related disabilities. A large dog bed that can contain and support the dogs weight is crucial for a good nights rest.

Observing a dogs sleeping habits is pivotal in selecting a bed your dog will actually sleep on. The biggest problem dog owners often come to realize is when their dog rarely sleeps on the newly purchased dog bed. Owners scratch their head in confusion and blame the dog when it's most likely the bed itself. All dogs have different sleeping habits; some like to curl up while others like to sprawl out or sleep on their backs. It is important to select a bed that will contain your dog. Your dogs head or paws should not be forced to rest off the edge or supports unless they naturally come to rest that way.

Dogs that usually sleep outdoors will sleep in a tight curled position to preserve warmth. Indoor dogs may nestle or nest for the same reason along with the fact that it provides security. However, sleeping in a tightly curled position is not the most relaxed for a dog. In this position a dog will not have a restful nights sleep; their muscles would have to be tense to hold this position. A bumper bed or donut dog bed with walls would give these kind of sleepers the maximum comfort and sense of security during nap time.

Lastly you have the dogs that love to stretch out and occupy the whole bed just like us humans. For dogs that sleep with these tendencies it is important to select a dog bed that can contain the entire dog toe-to-toe. A dog pillow bed or large dog bed will have your pooch stretched out and counting sheep faster than he or she can sit for their favorite treat.

Once the owner understands the specific needs of their dog depending on how they sleep, he or she can confidently choose the best dog bed that will provide their pup with the maximum comfort they deserve.

About DogGeekz

DogGeekz offers a collection of many of the finest environmentally friendly dog products along with high quality dog supplies. They have a very simple yet strong vision, and that is to live with a deep respect for mother nature and the animals within. From luxury dog beds, dog toys, dog gates, or dog crates you'll be able to find something truly unique to match your dog's personality. Sit. Stay. Shop. http://www.doggeekz.com


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