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Announcing a new dynamic web site that makes products available for the first time to the public.

Most of the saddles, tack, harnesses and horse supplies sold in the US are actually made in India or Pakistan. As Americans in these tough financial times, more than ever before, support of American made products is essential. When Horse Tack and Supplies did the research they discovered the surprising reality, that very little of the horse tack purchased in this country is made here. They found a need to give consumers a choice to buy American. They needed to find a manufacturer of quality saddles and tack made with craftsmanship and fine materials right here in the US.

After months of research, Horse Tack and Supplies was able to locate one manufacture and is making their products available with the launch of this web site. A people that trace their heritage back hundreds of years, and yet, despite all the time that has passed and the many changes that have taken place in society, they still live and work much as their forefathers did. The Amish have long preferred farming as a way of life. To this day they do not permit the use of tractors in their fields, they still drive a team of horses tacked up in their self-made harnesses, being used daily for farming or transportation. They are commonly seen in many areas of our country, driving their horses and buggies on the local roadways. Read Horse Tack and Supplies Blog to learn more about the Amish way of life

The horse tack, saddles and supplies available on this new web site at are truly Amish made. They are made to order and are customizable to the customers specifications. All tack and saddles contain the superb workmanship one would expect from a society that constructs them for a living and a lifestyle. All shipping is free in the US, no additional fees apply, the price you see is the price you pay.

Western or endurance saddles are made with skirt and glove leather. Pick the size tree that properly fits your horse and a seat that properly fits the rider (Horse Tack and Supplies will help sizing). The saddle skirt can be square or round depending on the back of the horse. The saddle shown has no skirt and is used for endurance or for gaited horses. Pick your color and tooling and add as much silver as wanted in all the right places. Horse Tack and Supplies also offers this saddle with a matching tack set that includes breast collar, reins and headstall. For more detailed information go to:

Horse Tack and Supplies offers horse drawn vehicles that are two wheeled carts for all sizes including Llamas and Donkeys with harnesses for all sizes as well. All are made in the USA and shipping is free! Find details about all carts at:

Special products found nowhere else, such as reflective anklets and reflective horse halters are great for finding a horse in the dark and keeping safe on the roads. Many joggers use them around their legs and arms and are also useful on dogs as a highly visible collar. The reflective material is amazing coupled with the quality of construction. Find more information at:

Horse Tack and Supplies is an online store that has blossomed from the passion of horses and a desire to help people to enjoy their horse more through knowledge. Visit the library of articles at, More articles will soon be added along with more products so check back often. Any questions, please contact Horse Tack and Supplies by going to the direct contact available through the web site or use the email to the right. Mention this Press Release and receive 10% off your next order.

Horse Tack and Supplies wishes all our customers a gentle ride and may all trails lead to happiness.

Dressage is a riding discipline that celebrates discipline, grace, elegance, and beauty. It is a riding discipline that is made even more beautiful by its simplicity.

When is comes to outfitting the dressage rider less is better. A rider competing in the lower levels should be wearing well polished black hunt or field boots. They should have invested in a pair of britches. A clean white shirt should be worn with a collar and ta stock pin. Covering the white shirt should be wearing a dark colored jacket. The riders hands should be covered in dark colored gloves that will help disguise the movement of the riders hands. If the rider has long hair is should be gathered up and tucked neatly out of sight. On the riders head should be a black helmet. If the rider is a junior rider, under the age of eighteen, many show committees require that the rider's helmet should meet ASTM/SEI standards and have a fastened harness. Unless the rider is aboard a hot horse (high spirited horse with an excessive amount of go) the rider should have a pair of spurs which help dress up the rider's leg.

A rider competing in the lower levels of dressage should make sure their horses tack follows the same simple guidelines as the riders apparel. Before entering the competition the horses coat should be clean and well groomed. Long before leaving for the show the rider should have pulled their horses mane and on the morning of the show they should have plaited the shortened, thinned mane into several tidy braids, if they have a horse with a nice steady head set they can wrap the braids with white adhesive tape, at the lower levels of competition braids are not actually required but they are a sign of respect. The tail should be left upbraided. The horses hooves should be polished with either clear or black hoof polish. The horses bit should be a simple snaffle, curb bits are not acceptable in dressage competitions, the bit can not include any copper. The bit should be attached to a plain leather bridle. On the horses back their should be a leather saddle. At the lower levels of competition the rider can choose between a black or brown colored saddle and they have the option of using a dressage saddle or a dressage saddle. Under the saddle their should be a saddle blanket, the blanket can be black or white and be either a square cut or can be shaped to follow the line of the saddle.

Once a rider has reached the upper levels of dressage competition their are a few subtle changes in their show attire. FEI rules require that they wear a pair of white britches. Hunt coats are no longer allowed, riders are required to wear the longer, more elegant shad belly. Although their is no rule banning the wearing of a helmet most riders choose to wear a derby style hat. Black gloves are replaced with white gloves.

Just like the riders show clothing there are some changes made in the horses tack. The bridle must be made of black leather, in the horses mouth their should be two bits in the horses mouth, a snaffle bit and a curb bit. A whip is no longer allowed in competition. The horse must be braided. The saddle must be a dressage style cut and be made of black leather. Some riders have chosen to add a jewel encrusted brow band to dress up a plain horses head.