Handmade replicas of 19th century english birdcages finished in a steel gray powder coat. It is patterned after the famous victorian era. Available in a small and large size. 7-1/2-inch square by 18-inch high, chain is 6-inch longSteel gray...

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Includes 1 birdcage in the size specified (not sold as a set). Crafted of metal with an antique cream white finish. Top swings open for easy excess, as well as the side door. Also makes a great planter pot holder at home or outside in the garden....

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The Elegant Scrollwork Bird Cage features a vintage scrollwork design and decorative finial to create the perfect home for your bird. For easy access and maintenance, the cage features a large front door and pull-out bottom grille and drawer for...

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Birdcages have a variety of decorative uses. They can be used as a way to collect cards at weddings. They can be lit with string lights, fairy lights or pillar candles and used as centerpieces, table decor, or even hung in trees to create a truly...

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Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Select Cage in Pewter offers quality craftsmanship at an affordable cost. Constructed of wrought iron with a cagetop playstand to keep your bird entertained and content, the heavy-duty push button lock keeps your...

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This deluxe wrought-iron flight cage is Prevue Hendryxs premiere small bird flight cage. Featuring 2 large front doors for easy access to your flockanda simple pull-out grille and drawer allow for quick, easy cleaning. The handy storage shelf is a...

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