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Heated pet mats are great for making your dog feel safe and comfortable. They are not only practical but they have great therapeutic benefits too. In this article we are going to look at what types of heated pet mats are available and how they could help your dog by using one.

Deciding on which type of heated dog bed or heated dog pad would be best for your dog can be a little confusing. There is a wide variety of shapes and sizes to choose from as well as a vast array of colours. A simple way to make a choice as to which one to get is to let your dog decide. By that I don't actually mean let him see a few pictures and point out the one he likes. All you have to do is to just take a look at how your dog prefers to sleep. Have you ever noticed how your dog sleeps? The position that they enjoy lying in will give you a good clue as to what would suit him best. Have you ever noticed if he prefers laying on his back or his belly? Many dogs enjoy sleeping with their legs stretched completely out whereas some like to curl up into a snuggled up ball. Observing all these small things your dog does when he is sleeping will help you to determine which design of heated bed will be best suit him.

If your dog likes to stretch out then one of the warm rectangular designs of bed should be perfect. Maybe they are one of those dogs that like to curl up, in which case a small cozy dog bed with slightly higher sides would do the trick. How big or small your dog is will also determine exactly what size would be best. There are countless numbers of styles, sizes and colours to choose from so there is bound to be one that is perfect for your pooch.

If your pet sleeps outside or possibly in a basement or your garage, an outdoor pet bed is ideal for keeping your him perfectly insulated from any freezing drafts or a chilly floor. This will be a great comfort to him or her on some of the more chilly nights that we can sometimes get.

By choosing a bed that fits your dogs size well it will give him that extra feeling of being safe and secure when he is sleeping in his own private little space. Many heated dog beds offer extra cushioning and this can really help the comfort of a dog that may be getting on in years and may be struggling with arthritis. Another added bonus of him being able to sleep in his own personal heated dog bed is that he wont be jumping up and down or on and off couches which could lead to injury.

A dog, as most people know enjoys chewing everything from bones to soft doggie toys. So if you choose a heated dog pad that uses a chord, be sure it is a model that has a chew resistant chord and also that it is UL-listed. A lot of these designs use an energy efficient system that only warms the part where your dog is sleeping instead of heating the whole surface. There is another type of dog bed that is thermally heated and does away with the need to use batteries or a cable. These also come in every design imaginable and can put your mind at ease if you are a little worried about your dog possibly chewing a through cable. The cables are strongly reinforced and designed to withstand chewing, but this option is available to you if you prefer. If you are in any doubt, you should always contact one of the many manufacturers for any deep technical spec you might like to see.

Another good idea is if your dog needs to have support for their head is to get a dog bed that has a higher back and higher sides so that they are able to rest their head and be much more comfortable.

Heated dog pads and heated dog beds are reasonably priced. You can get a good one for less than a hundred dollars and it will be money well spent if only to help keep you favourite pooch in the comfort he or she deserves. You will sleep well knowing that you have given them a great place to lay their head as well as it becoming one of their favourite places to spend their time. The benefits of having the right bed for your dog to sleep in will be seen for years to come. Your dog will be comfortable, they will be happy and the therapeutic bonuses of using a heated dog bed are endless too.