(PRWEB) March 31, 2005

Everyone says I should get a crate for my dog. Why? I don't want to put my dog in a cage! If dog crates were designed to look like little dog houses, it might be easier to convince people that they are not cages! First, let's talk about what a crate really is and how they can improve your relationship with your dog. Long ago, when dogs were still wild animals, they often slept in dens - shallow holes they dug in the ground hidden away in places where they felt safe from predators. These were small, dark places, just big enough to turn around in and to lie down comfortably. Even after centuries of selective breeding and living in people's homes, dogs still retain some of their ancient instincts. One of these instincts is the desire to have a den - a small, cosy place of their very own where they can feel safe and secure. A "crate" is just a modern version of a den. In other words, it's a dog house within your house. Just as you enjoy having your own room where you can go for peace and privacy, your dog likes having his own room, too!

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