Pet dogs love lazing around on the couch or lounging on the sofa just as much as we do. They probably like licking it and tearing it apart when frustrated too. Most pet owners who have not trained their dogs must have already gone through this ordeal.

If you want to save your furniture from potential damage by your dog, you must know how to deter him/her from climbing onto it in the first place. Given below are some methods and techniques that you can try. However, you need to be stern while doing so and not feel guilty, otherwise it will not work and your dog will continue sitting on the furniture.

Dog Training

Training your dog is the best method. It is very important that every dog go through this process. This should be undertaken when they are still pups, as learning and following commands at this stage of their life is really easy for them. Once they get habituated to getting onto the furniture, it will be really difficult for you to rid them of this habit. So, start early and urge your family to do the same. Reward your dog with treats for staying off furniture when asked to do so, and express your unhappiness if he/she tries to get onto it nonetheless. Reinforcement makes the training process a lot easier.

Buying Dog Furniture

Another good way of keeping your dog off the home furniture is to get some furniture for him/her. Dogs love to have a bed, a crate, or a kennel of their own rather than lying on the hard floor. This keeps them comfortable, as well as cozy and secure. Dog beds, kennels, and crates are available in any pet store. Initially, you may need to crate train your dog so that he/she gets used to it. You can also make use of kennel plans and kennel designs to build one yourself.

Using Commercial Aids

There are many products available commercially. These include repellents, alarms, spiked mats, and couch protectors. These are designed in order to discourage your dog from getting onto the furniture, as well as to protect the furniture from any damage and dog fur. This can be done in case your dog has not been trained.

Some More Tips

  • Keep the doors to areas with expensive furniture closed while going outdoors, or when these areas are not being used.
  • Establish and get your dog used to a comfort zone of his/her own in the house by providing food, water, and toys in that particular place. This way, he/she will spend most of the time in that place and stay away from the furniture.
  • For grown up dogs, use a leash even when inside the house, to block their access to the furniture by saying 'off' assertively. Do not pull him/her down from the furniture using the leash.
  • You can also attach a black thread across the front of the furniture and tie one of its ends to a pile of shake cans. As soon as your dog tries to get onto the furniture, the pile of shake cans will come tumbling down. This will make a loud noise and cause your dog to get back down.
  • You can throw balloons on your furniture when you go out, so that if your dog tries to climb onto it, the balloons will burst and make a loud noise.

Try the above mentioned techniques to deter your dog from climbing onto the furniture. Make sure you do not always give in to her/his demands. Remember, being a little strict will have long-term benefits.

If your beloved dog is getting older, recovering from surgery or you have a dog who is incontinent, there are some dog bed products on the market to ensure your best mate is as comfortable as possible. Home: How to Buy a Memory Foam Mattress&l=2:02&vid=329dac425bbdeefb7143b920ffd969c3&sigr=110udps4e&sigb=12260r9ce&sigt=11f9nv6kb&sigi=11vkph6b8" target="_blank" data-pos="2"

Here are some things to consider when buying dog beds or senior or incontinent dogs:-

* Support

Just like humans older dogs suffer from aches and pains in their joints and benefit from using dog beds with firm support.

If these senior dogs or dogs recovering from surgery are using a dog bed with insufficient support their body will tend to sink into the bed which means their joints are positioned at odd and potentially uncomfortable angles. In addition to this these dogs have to put strain on these sore joints to get out of the 'sunken' position.

If however, you bought one of the dog beds which has better firmer support their joints will be better supported at comfortable angles and it will be much easier for your dog to step off the bed easily as the extra support has not allowed the dog to sink into the bed.

Some beds that offer specialised support are the orthopedic dog beds or memory foam dog beds, however make sure you buy a quality product.

* Breed Size

The sheer weight of your dog can be an issue when trying to purchase orthopedic dog beds or memory foam dog beds as many of these beds are simply not designed to provide support for the larger breeds.

A great option is the 'Big Dog Bed' which is more like a dog mattress than a dog bed. As well as measuring an impressive 1300mm x 880mm to accommodate the larger breeds this dog been has been designed with clever memory foam tops the thick inner of this bed which moulds beautifully to the contours of the dog's body ensuring the all over even support which is important for older dogs or those recovering from surgery. These dog beds also have a low impact, dampening effect make them ideal for older dogs, big or heavy dogs and dogs with joint problems.

* Incontinence

Having an incontinent dog can be a challenge for even the most devoted dog owner but there are some dog bed supplies that will make this challenge less taxing on you and provide your beloved dog with comfort.

1. Washable Dog Beds come in many styles however my suggestion is to buy a dog bed that has removable covers and buy some extras so that you can replace the cover while the other is being washed.

2. To protect the dog bed insert and to ensure your dog has a dry surface to lie on consider an innovative product called 'Stay Dry Matting'. This product is made from a synthetic material that lets dry air circulate through your dogs bedding keeping them warm, dry & comfortable. Best of all its machine washable and comes pre-sterilized. Again, it's a good idea to buy a couple of pieces of the Stay Dry Matting so that your incontinent dog has a clean, dry bed available while you are washing the other piece.

By considering all of these tips you'll be able to provide your dog with the comfort it needs during its old age or after surgery and ensure that you incontinent dog has a clean, dry bed at all times with less stress on you and your dog.

When you have a trillion options of entertainment today, why not give some options to your cute canine pet too? After all it gives you company and boosts up your mood by wagging its tail and doing the tricks that you have taught it. Then why not treat it with some nice and dog friendly toys?

Choosing the right dog toy for your pooch is very significant. It is not as easy as going to your nearest dog supplies shop, pulling out any toy and giving it to your puppy. You will be laying down your precious bucks if you resort to this methodology. Dogs are also like your children so just like purchasing toys for your kids, you have to give some serious thought before buying dog toys.

There are some tips that would prove to be handy when you go on a shopping spree for your doggy. Make sure that the toys you buy are specially designed for dogs. This is because they are manufactured keeping the nature and habits of dogs in mind. If you give your dog your own tennis ball then chances are 99 to 100 that your canine buddy would tear it off. So if you have to give it balls to play with, go for ones that are dog friendly.

The size of the toy should be according to the size of your pet. If you buy toys that are too small then there is a hazard that your dog will swallow it. If your dog has very tough chewing habits then go or tougher toys. Keep the chewing habits of your pet in mind while shopping for it. If you have selected toys that are easily breakable and can splinter, you need to think again. Check twice that the toys you are buying are made up of non-toxic materials and thus are not a health hazard for your dog.

If you want your puppy to remain active and healthy, then go for toys that encourage exercise and enhance play and fun habits of your dog. You can buy Frisbees, balls, ropes and tugs that will attract your dog to fetch and tug-of-war. These toys also encourage your dog's interaction with human beings and thus are a good tool to develop friendship.

Innovative and modern dog toys include dental health enhancing toys. They are not only beneficial for the tooth and gums of your dog but are also easy to clean. They come in a wide range of variety including dog toys that freshen the breath of dogs. So these toys are a big yes because they are very practical.

If your dog feels depressed and anxious when you are away that leave some toys for it that reduce boredom and separation anxiety and are challenging as well. Such toys include puzzle toys and others that require your dog to work for treats. We suggest that you keep these useful tips in mind while buying dog toys and you will definitely make a wise choice.