This listing is for 3 pcs white breeding bird cages. This cage has a removable wire divider than that turns it into two separate cages or one large cage when needed. Four feeder cups make sure your birds have food and water handy. Each cup has a...

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Single Bird Cages Kit Pink Starter Set Perches Swing Feeders Scalloped Top Small Bird 14.5" x 11.5"#770 BRAND NEW - Starter Kit Bird Cage Features: - 2 Feeding Cups - 1 Swinging Perch - 2 Resting Perches - Pull out tray for easy cleaning -...

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These fascinating birds are green as they are found in their native Australian environment, but selective breeding in captivity has resulted in a stunning variety of colors. Here is virtually everything a prospective parakeet owner needs to know...

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Feature: Surface Treatment:powder-plating, golden-plating. Quality standard:our product has the qualification for testing lead and zinc. Product advantage:it is knocked-down by screw,convenient to install and easy to clear, the most is to...

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1344 Brand New Pagoda Top Medium Birds Cages For Parakeet And Finches With Assorted Colors - May Come In Green, Purple, Blue, Black Or White Non-Toxic Powder Coated Finish And 1/2 Inches Bar SpacingCome with 1 Swing and 2 PerchesThe Cage has 1...

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Your bird will have hours of fun chomping, chewing and swinging on this exciting toy. Playing with the sisal twine can also provide therapy for feather picking birds. Encourages foraging for treats and exercise tooSafe, quicklink fastener for...

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Handmade replicas of 19th century english birdcages finished in a steel gray powder coat. It is patterned after the famous victorian era. Available in a small and large size. 7-1/2-inch square by 18-inch high, chain is 6-inch longSteel gray...

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1.Great gift for your pet 2.Easy to install in the cage 3.Good place for small animals to play 4.Suitable for many small animals,like hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats ,parrot, etc Description: 1.Material:Wood 2.Color:As pictures ...

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The Midwest Solutions Series Ginormus Double Door Crate is a safe and sturdy crate ideal for large dogs. Ideal for dogs weighing over 125 pounds, this wire dog crate features two doors - one in front and one on the side - for extra versatility in...

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