While choosing a collar for your dog, ensure that you take the size and breed of the dog into account, as a wrong collar will prove harmful to your canine in the long run.

Think you can just share your old stuff with your dog and all will be well? Wrong. It is extremely important to make sure your dog gets the best possible accessories that are tailor-made for him. It is only going to make him, and consequently, you happier.

It goes without saying that a pet owner always includes food items and a medicine kit, while considering the essential items for his/her pet. Hence, we have enlisted those items that you might fail to notice. The following is a list of all must-have products that you ought to buy for your adorable canine.

Must-have Accessories for Your Dog

Food and Water Bowls

Whether he's a puppy or a fully-grown dog, he's definitely going to need one of these. Food and water bowls come in handy even when you're traveling. These bowls come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and are made up of different material. Today, you get ceramic, plastic, stainless steel, and glass varieties that are reasonably priced and easy to clean.If you want to go for cheaper options, plastic bowls are the right choice, but they come with their own set of demerits. Plastic bowls can easily facilitate bacterial buildup that can cause infections to your dog. Ceramic and glass bowls, although safe, are heavy and can be troublesome. The best material recommended is stainless steel. These bowls are a bit heavy on the pocket, but can be easily sterilized.Make sure you choose the right one according to the size and temperament of the dog, since some dogs even double it up as a playing toy.

Collars and Leashes

A collar is an absolute necessity for your dog since it contains his license and identification, in case he gets lost. Identification tags are often attached to the collar bearing the owner's name and contact information. Collars are generally available in nylon, leather, metal, or polyester. Nylon ones with a buckle are advisable that are fastened loosely around the dog's neck.A leash is attached to the collar and is useful when you take your dog for a walk or during his training period. In general, a leash should be between 4 to 6 feet along with a loop handle, and preferably of nylon webbing. During the obedience training period, it is recommended to use longer ones.

Dog Beds

Of course, dogs too need pampering and comfort! If you're not of the type to share your own bed with your pet, and need some space at least at night, then dog bedding is the easiest solution. Needless to say, this comes only after the dog is trained to housebreak. Your dog's bed can get as elaborative and decorative as you want it to be. It can range right from an old used pillow or a blanket for him to snuggle in, or specific elements catering to his likes and dislikes.

Dog Toys

Now, we all know how much dogs love to play, jump, and run around. So, all kinds of toys definitely have to make it to the list of must-have products. Be it stuffed toys, squeaky kinds, ropes and balls, or even thinking toys, dogs never refrain from enjoying to the fullest. Toys, especially those involving chewing, play a major role in your puppy's physical development too. Ideally, your dog should be encouraged to play with hard and long-lasting rubber toys, and not stuffed ones as he's most likely to destroy them later and can ingest the small, torn pieces.

Dog House

A dog house or kennel is often a place outside the house. Usually, pups are wary of staying in dog houses before they get accustomed to the entire house. A dog house gives an entirely different kind of a personal space to the canine and can be built especially for guard dogs. It can be a personalized one according to the breed and size of your dog. Smaller houses are also available in case you stay in an apartment.

Grooming Kit

Paying attention to your dog's hygiene is absolutely essential at all ages. Almost every dog needs grooming on some or the other level. The grooming requirements will differ depending on the breed of your dog, but the basic needs, such as trimming the toenails, brushing his teeth, and cleaning his ears are common to all breeds.It is important that you wash, condition, brush, and comb your dog's coat on a regular basis. Dog shampoos, conditioners, brushes, and toothpastes are easily available at any pet store. However, consult your vet before you choose any particular brand of grooming supplies for your pet.

Crates or Carriers

Crates and travel carriers are made especially for those owners who travel often and do not wish to leave their pet behind. They are available in several sizes and shapes including plastic, steel, and fiberglass. Couple the crate with a soft blanket, and it makes for a cozy room for the dog when you're traveling.

There you go! Now that you have a list of all the necessary items your dog needs, take a trip to a nearby pet store as soon as possible.

Being the most lovable animal dog needs an equal treatment like human being. It has the same basic needs of food, home and above all love as that of humans. However, people who love dogs are always interested in giving more their dogs. Therefore dog boutiques came into picture.

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