SweetDog Fold Away Parrots Shower Perch Bath Stands Large Birds Toy Holder Rack

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The Fold-Away Shower Perch can be placed on any mirror to let your bird interact with their reflection or placed on any window to enjoy watching outdoor activities.When used on a window, the natural sunlight is essential for your birds health. use a diverse selection of stimulating bird-safe materials to ensure the mental and physical well being of pet birds Size M: 25x22x16cm weight: 188g; Size L:30x24x17cm Weight: 210g Package Including: 1 X Fold-Away Shower Perch

  • Regular bathing opportunities help your bird to maintain their feathers
  • Suitable for parakeet, cockatiel ,budgies, cockatoo and other similar sized bird
  • An ideal shower perch designed for your little friends to stand, easy install in bathroom
  • Also can be used on a window, to provide natural sunlight that is essential for your birds health
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