Super Bird Creations Crocs Toy for Birds

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These adorable little crocs measure 2-1/2'' x 1-1/2'' x 1''. Fun chewy rubber that you can decorate with cute charms or stuff with goodies. Comes in a variety of colors.

  • Perfect size for Caiques, Conures, Quakers and Ring necks
  • Providing foot toys promotes good foot dexterity as well as an excellent outlet for fun inside and outside the cage
  • Super Bird Creations toy designs use a diverse selection of stimulating bird-safe materials to ensure the mental and physical well being of pet birds
  • Create a "toy chest" out of a cardboard box or empty dish to store hand toys in the bottom of your birds cage

Andrea', the CAG with Parrot Toy Angels Foot Toys (The ring with the beads is not a PTA Toy) I hafta laugh, I can hear one of the dogs panting in this video, the other one, the tick ticking of her nails on the floor, Blue my Amazon going "Aaaaaah", Violet immitating her and Peaches squawking. The sweet, dolcet sounds of my home 🙂
Video Rating: 5 / 5