SunGrow Fancy Bird Toy Mirror with Bells – Strong, Safe Plastic Edging and Beads – Colorful, Attractive and Easy to Install Pet Toy from Sized for Parakeets, Cockatoos, Canaries and Pet Birds

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What materials are used in the bird toy?
The Fancy Bird Toy Mirror from SunGrow is made with durable, safe materials, from the crack-resistant glass mirror to the BPA-free plastic edging and beads. The pretty, jingling bells hanging below the mirror are also safe to be played with and pecked on. Reliably crafted, the overall structure of the toy mirror, beads and bells is designed to withstand daily use by your feathery friends for years to come.

How does this bird cage accessory benefit my pet birds?
More than just a bird mirror, this entertaining, interactive toy has bells and beads and all sorts of exciting benefits to your pet. Birds have a natural need for stimulation both mentally and physically. From talking to himself in the mirror to pecking on the bells, the fun assortment of shapes and sounds in this colorful combination is a whole playground in one practical and stylish bird toy.

What types of birds is this mirror toy suitable for?
The birdcage mirror with bells and beads has a convenient size of 7" x 5" (18cm x 13cm) and installs easily into any cage. As it comes with the hanger included, the installation becomes super easy. The bird safe bells and beads create interest in parrots, budgies, cockatiels and zebra finches. Lovebirds and canaries love to sing at their reflections in the mirror. Bird breeders benefit from the Fancy Bird Toy Mirror with Bells because it is an inexpensive way to create a lot of interest in many different birds.

  • ✔ ATTRACTIVE & STYLISH ADDITION TO YOUR BIRD CAGE --- Brightly colored with fun, stylish hues, this cute and exciting pet bird toy is an attractive addition to any pet bird's cage. Since it is single sided, it ensures that the mirror only faces inside the cage towards the bird and doesn't cause any unnecessary distractions to the others in the household.
  • ✔ PROMOTES BOTH MENTAL AND PHYSICAL STIMULATION --- Equipped with so many entertaining accessories, this interactive mirror from SunGrow keeps your intelligent feathered pets entertained for hours and hours. The mirror encourages them to interact with their reflections; for a single pet bird, a mirror may make him feel less lonely as he sees a friend in the mirror. The bells and beads provide even more mental and physical stimulation.
  • ✔ EASILY ATTACHES TO ANY STANDARD CAGE --- At a practical size of 7" x 5" (18cm x 13cm), the lightweight yet heavy-duty birdcage mirror is fitting for bird cages of all shapes and sizes. Easy to install hanger is included that makes it very simple to hang anywhere in your cage or outside, as high or as low as your beloved avian specie desires.
  • ✔ MADE WITH SAFE, DURABLE MATERIALS --- Constructed using pet and family-safe, non-toxic plastics and colors, the durable bird mirror is ready to be pecked and played with by even the most playful beaks and tongues such as parrots, finches and budgerigars. Sturdy and reliable, there is no need to worry about your little furry friends breaking their toy or harming themselves.
  • ✔ SUITABLE FOR MANY TYPES OF PET BIRDS & BREEDERS --- Many types and sizes of pet birds love to play with the bells and look in the mirror; this bright yellow rotating mirror is great for parakeets, cockatiels, parrots, budgies, conures and more. Particularly beneficial to bird breeders, the combination of interesting elements keeps your birds busy and out of trouble.

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