SummerHawk Ranch Victorian Teak Barn Chicken Coop

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Start living, sunny side up with this space-efficient coop-and-run combination. It's hand built from solid fir and is roomy enough to comfortably house up to 4 chickens. The roost features a uniquely styled roof, offering shade and shelter while beneath the coop, a galvanized mesh-enclosed run gives hens a secure space to forage and exercise. The dual-stall nesting box is accessible through a convenient, waist-height prop-up door for easy egg collection. The coop is simple to assemble, requiring only one person and a screwdriver. Additional run space may be provided by attaching one or more universal expansion pens (sold separately), which is recommended for those who cannot free-range their birds during the day.

  • Hand built from sustainably harvested, naturally weather and pest-resistant fir
  • Simple enough for one person to assemble in about 45 minutes with an electric screwdriver
  • Expandable with the SummerHawk Ranch Universal Expansion Pen (sold separately)
  • Assembled Exterior: 79"L x 30"W x 48"H (Pen Interior: 12.4 sq. ft. / Coop Interior: 4 sq. ft. / Nest Box Interior: 2.36 sq. ft.)
  • If you have any questions, please email

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