Stainless Steel Bell Toy for Birds,Heavy Duty Bird Cage Toys for Parrots, African Greys, Mini Macaws, Small Cockatoos, Cockatiels & More (Small or Large)

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Birds love to play just like any other animal, which is why a few dependable cage toys are a must for bird owners! Since parrots make up the largest percentage of domesticated pet birds, we have designed these bird bell toys with them in mind.

Crafted out of 100% stainless steel, our hanging bird toys are the only choice for those who know what difference durability, versatility and convenience can make when it comes to caring for birds. The steel bird cage toys are super strong, they're ultra durable and they're extremely easy to clean. What more could a doting bird parent ask for?

The steel bird toy is available in two different sizes, allowing you to select the one that best suites the size of your feathered friend. Our small stainless steel bird toy has a 7.7¡± hang and the bell measures 0.7¡± in diameter x 3.5¡± long, while the large steel bird toy hangs 8.5¡± and the bell measures 0.9¡± in diameter x 3.9¡± long.

Your parrot, African Grey, Mini Macaw, Cockatoo or sweet Lovebird deserves some excitement in his or her life.
Do your precious pet a favor ¨C Order your own detachable bird cage bell toy now!

  • THREE BIRD PERCH SIZES - Our branch perches are available in three different sizes, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your bird's cage.we marked the size on the pictures.please check carefully;
  • BUILT-IN WING NUT & BOLT - Each hardwood bird perch is fully outfitted with a metal wing nut and a built-in bolt. No extra equipment is required for installation and the perches deliver a secure hold;
  • ALL NATURE MATERIAL - Since bird perchs are made out of natural quartz sands and pure nature wood inside with food grade color.super safe for all types of birds, including parrots, macaws, cockatoos, parakeets and so on;
  • EXERCISES & ENTERTAINS - Rypet bird perch rough-surfaced provides excellent foot exercise and the hard coating on the surface keeps beaks and nails trimmed naturally, safety to chew as well;
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We provide a 100% satistfaction guarantee and quality customer service.To us, your satisfaction is top notch!

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