SmithBuilt – Premium 8-Panel Black Dog Exercise Play Pen with Door and Carry Bag – 48″ Tall

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These affordable, premium exercise pens feature commercial-quality materials and superior manufacturing to produce pens that are built to last. They can be used for training, as a kennel, or for other purposes and are built with 6-gauge, high tensile-strength, all-steel wire that is securely formed and welded into a tight mesh pattern. Pens feature a convenient door that closes easily and locks with a slide-bolt latch (doors on the 36-inch and taller pens feature two latches). Pens are finished with a black, ultra-durable epoxy coating, which is much stronger than the "electro" or "powder" coats seen in inferior pens and is rust, corrosion and fade resistant, even in extreme climates. Pens come fully pre-assembled and can be set up or taken down in seconds; no tools are required. Simply place pen in the desired shape or configuration, and use the included spring-loaded clips to join the last panel. When folded flat, the pen measures less than 2 inches tall, and can be placed in the included carry bag for storage or transport. The bag is made from rugged, all-weather nylon and features a zipper and adjustable strap. Pens are made up of eight individual panels, each measuring 24 inches long. These panels can be setup in multiple configurations or shapes, turning the pen into a 4-foot by 4-foot square, a 6-foot by 2-foot rectangle, a 5-foot diameter octagon, or even a 16-foot long fence/barrier. Multiple pens of the same size may also be connected together. Pens come in several heights: 24 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches, 42 inches and 48 inches. Please note: pens are designed to hold well-trained pets. Even the strongest pens can't contain wild or rowdy animals, therefore all pets should be properly trained to use the pen, and/or care should be taken to ensure animals do not break free and hurt themselves or others. This is especially important when first introducing your pet to the pen, as they may not be used to being confined.

  • Manufactured with commercial-quality, 6-gauge epoxy-coated, all-steel wire.
  • Ships fully pre-assembled, and is amazingly simple to set up.
  • Folds nearly flat, and includes carry bag.
  • 17 feet of panels, can be converted into an array of shapes/sizes.
  • Available in heights ranging from 24 to 48 inches.