Small Dog Or Cat Stairs. Portable Folding Pet Steps Ladder For Furniture. Uses Like Bed, Cars. BONUS Pet Hair-Clip Included. Add To Pet Toys Supplies

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Small Pet Steps

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These steps allow you the freedom of being at ease without having to constantly lift your pet and help it get to it's preferred spot. The pet steps provides steps with the right amount of traction and support. It has a strong and durable plastic frame, making it perfect for small and medium size (on the smaller side) dogs and/or cats. It assembles easily, and is the perfect solution for travel. It conveniently folds for storage. Just throw these into your suitcase or car, and you are good to go. They will not take up a lot of space, and will attribute to your comfort away from home.

These can be used anywhere, indoors and outdoors, and will help your pet maneuver to a spot slightly out of reach with ease.

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Blysh Tech

Convertible Pet Stairs Features:

 Will help your pet reach the couch, get into the car, onto it's bed and all other places it wants to go.

 Folds flat for storage and travel.

 3 stairs.

 Plastic.

 Light color.

 Great for smaller pets' mobility.

  • The Portable Folding Small Dog or Cat Stairs is an ATTRACTIVE, AFFORDABLE way to help your pet reach her favorite napping place. It HELPS YOUR PET reach the couch, get into the car, onto its bed and all other places it wants to go.
  • Folding steps give your AGING, INJURED or pooch with other HEALTH ISSUES, easy access to your car, truck, camper, van or suv. Safely get your pet to and from higher places; help your pet maneuver to a spot slightly out of reach with ease. These CAN BE USED ANYWHERE, indoors and outdoors.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, COMPACT and STURDY, your small or medium size pet will love the help. The FOLDABLE feature makes it practical as it can be folded down for EASY STORAGE -which allows you to conveniently store your pet steps when not in use.
  • Ideal for SMALLER OR MEDIUM-SIZE dogs, cats and other PETS. Features 3 STAIRS. Made of PLASTIC. Light color. NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.
  • Using stairs as opposed to jumping HELPS your pet STAY HEALTHY. Particularly it helps their long-term back health. Continuous jumping can eventually cause some health conditions. COMES WITH A BONUS pet hair clip. Color, design and style vary.