Small Bird Roosting Condo/Birdhouse, Handwoven Grass, Three Stories

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Transform your outdoor living spaces into a haven for your favorite local small birds and their families with this charming handwoven, all natural grass three storied bird condo/birdhouse. Bird condo has three entrances. Grass material is used to provide birds with a sense of familiarity, as well as lend your outside decor a rustic, woodsy look. It is recommended that you hang the bird condo in locations where they will be protected from direct weather and salvaging by squirrels. Please note, exact specifications will vary due to handmade nature. Dimensions are estimated at 12.25" x 4".

  • Give small birds shelter from the elements with our handwoven grass three story bird condo.
  • Bird condo has three openings, and is constructed with grass for a natural appearance and feel. The rough surface make entrance and exit easier for birds, as well as provides natural drainage and ventilation.
  • Natural materials make it easier for condo to blend with surroundings, so wrens, chickadees, finches, titmice, and other small songbirds can protect themselves from predators.
  • Both functional and attractive, our bird condo will add rustic charm to your outside decor.
  • Bird condo will last longest if hung in sheltered locations, such as under eaves or in bushes, wherever birds are prone to build their nests. Built-in waxed twine loop makes it simple to set up.

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