Sanitary Physiological Pants Diaper Suspenders for Puppy Female Small Pet Dog

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Model: ADC-C1
Material: cloth
Color: random color
Size: 8#
Waist: 34-40 cm
Back length: 22-24 cm
Features: elastic

1 x Suspender type pet sanitary pants

  • Function of suspender type pet physiological pants:
  • 1. Prevent dogs from random mating and getting pregnant in estrus.
  • 2. Prevent the blood from staining sofa, bed sheets and so on during the physiology period.
  • 3. It can also be used as a diaper to solve the urinating problem of a puppy who does not how to urine in a designated place.

Hurtta brand means quality you can trust for your dog. Designed in Finland, these hygienic sanitary pants are very easy to use and comfortable for your dog to wear. The adjustable buckle fastening strap allows a precise fit.

Perfect for use with female dogs in heat to prevent spotting and stains on carpet or floors. Made with flexible polyester fabric which is machine washable and dries very quickly. Use with sanitary pads (not included). Measure your dog's rear girth (waist) with a soft rule while standing on all legs.
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