Rope Bungee Perch Bird, 83inch Kintor Pure Natural Colorful Bead Cage Chewing Toys for Small Medium Parrot (83inch Length)

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83 inch Length,1 inch Diameter Bird Rope Perch,Fit Any Size Birds!! Just Get one for your pet before out of stock!

Why choose KinTor Parrot Cotton Rope Perch?

--Much longer: 83inch in length,1 inch in diameter
--Better quality:100% Cotton + Sturdy Steel wire + Detachable Fixing Ring + Real Steel Bell + Non-toxic Plastic Cover.
--Easier installing: Detachable fixing ring meet your idea in any cage/place!
--More fun: Bend any shape as you like,open your imagination for more fun with your lovely birds!
--Any size of birds applicable:Caiques, Conures, Quakers and Ringnecks,Amazona ,Gray Parrot,Indian Ringneck,Eclectus Roratus,Cockatoo,Cockatiel, African Greys,Small Cockatoos and Mini Macaws, CAG,Jingles,Sun Conure,Alexandrine,Yellow nape parrot,Rope Bungee Bird etc.
--Kintor Promise:All our parrot/bird toys are made from natural food coloring and material.We guarantee safety and healthy for parrot/bird use.Our parrots have been playing Kintor toys for years.

Package included: 1*Parrot Rope Perch


  • PERFECT FOR LARGE OR MEDIUM PARROTS --Kintor bird rope perch is 87inch length with 1 inch diameter.It's perferct size for large and medium birds.
  • MORE FUN WITH ANY SHAPE YOU LIKE - Kintor colorful spiral rope bungee toy could be freely stretched to different shape as your idea, you can uncoil it to whatever you want and coil it right back up.Much fun beyond your imagination!
  • SKILLED EXERCISE FOR YOUR BIRDS - Our rope perch constructs kinds of beautiful scenes for your parrots/birds to climb up and down,which helps promote exercise and develop coordination and balance skills of your bird in entertainment!The small bell is NOT LOUD enough to be annoying, BUT enough to arouse the curiosity of your parrot/bird.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN&QUALITY MATERIAL -Kintor rope bungee toy is made from from 100% Soft Cotton Rope,Bendable Steel Wire,Stainless Detachable Hold,Non-toxic Plastic Cover and a Ringing Bell.It's perfectly comfortable for bird leisurely resting and happy exercises.
  • 100% SAFETY GUARANTEE-All Kintor parrot/bird toys are made from natural food coloring and Non-toxic material.We guarantee safety and healthy for parrot/bird use

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