Rainbow Coral Cactus – Candelabra Cactus – Elkhorn Cactus – 4″ Pot – Euphorbia

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Cristate (or Crested) and Monstrose plants are fascinating freaks of nature. Normal plants usually grow from a single point at the tip of the stem, or an areole in the case of cacti that branch or offset. Cristate plants grow along many points along a line that usually undulates and twists. Monstrose plants grow from random points and usually produce plants that are assymetrical and covered in knobby bumps and whorls. This produces some very interesting effects. When this occurs along with variegation a spectacular plant can be produced. Many of these plants can be strangely beautiful and for this reason are highly desired and prized by collectors.

These strange plants are easy to grow. Just provide full sun and water when dry.

  • Loves the sun
  • Easy to grow
  • Water when dry
  • Makes a great gift
  • Immediate shipping in 4" pot

This is my original design, the Sea Coral Bracelet, for the Rainbow Loom. It is made on one loom and is twice as long as a regular rubber band bracelet. It is challenging to make the coral and time consuming. It is made on a Rainbow Loom, but it can be made on an offset loom if you transfer it. Post pics on Instagram #seawolfescl.
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