R-Com 2500103 Plastic Egg Tray, 7 Quail Eggs, Small

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Used with Rcom Mini digital incubator only.

  • Used with Rcom Mini digital incubator only
  • Small egg tray plastic insert increases the R-com capacity from its standard 3 chicken eggs to 7 smaller eggs (quail eggs or smaller)
  • Ideal for small size eggs like quail eggs (smaller than chicken eggs)

The link is here: http://bit.ly/MiniAdvanceIncubator

This package includes the popular menu-driven fully digital Mini Advance Incubator which will make incubating eggs a breeze. Choose the species of birds that you are incubating and the Mini Advance will incubate and turn the eggs and stop 3 days before hatching as needed. You will be able to keep an eye on the growing embryos with the high quality OvaScope Egg Candler. Once the hatchlings appear the EcoGlow Brooder will keep them nice and cozy NOTE: only for poultry chicks not suited parrot hatchlings . Enclosed also are two trays for the Mini Advance which allows you to incubate eggs as small as quails or as large as hen eggs.
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