Pure Natural Colorful Wood Parrot Toys, Bvanki18.5 inch L 8.5 inch W Parrot Soft Swing Toy & Rainbow Bridge (Medium).

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Materials: Wood+Chains +Plastic

Size: 18 x 3 x 7 inches

Weight:9 ounces

1.Suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small Parrots.

2.Such as: Golden Sun parrot ,monk parrot , gray parrot, amazon, parakeets toys, parrot, caiques, conures, conure
Quakers , macaws, cockatiel, and cockatoos, mini-con parrot, Alexander parrot , Senegal parrot, macaw, etc.

3.Notice: All kind of parrot /birds toys made natural food coloring and material.

The food coloring fade is normal ,all of toys we can guarantee safety and heathy for parrot /birds use.

  • Size: length 18Inch * Wide 8 Inch.
  • Suspension design suit for all kinds of parrots cage.
  • Naturals Wood toys are handmade from 100-percent natural ,Food coloring is healthy, suitable for a wide variety of parrots and birds.
  • The bird toys uses a combination of wood products, topped with metal accessories, Making it safe and secure.
  • Metal connector can be either a vertical or hanging in a cage.

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