Prevue Hendryx Stick Staxs Hula Hooops Bird Toy

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Prevue pet products stick staxs hula hoops 62424 has a variety of moving parts and textures to keep your bird mentally stimulated through swinging, playing and chewing. Made from 100-percent safe, non-toxic fd&c colors and materials, stick staxs bird toys may include additional items such as cotton rope, twine, plastic beads, bird safe bells, sisal or sea shells for added attraction. Toy connects easily to cage with quick-link attachment. Toy is hand made and actual measurements may vary slightly. As always, supervise birds at play. Our stick staxs hula hoops bird toy is 10 long and 4 1/2" wide ideal for small to medium birds."

  • Stick staxs toys provide mental sitmulation for your bird
  • Your bird will spend hours playing, swinging and chewing
  • Made from 100-percent safe, non-toxic fd&c colors and materials
  • Connects to cage easily with quick-link attachment
  • 10-inch long, 4 1/2-inch wide

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