PowerTRC Ice Cream Shop 47 Piece Luxury Grocery Supermarket Pretend Playset Pink

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It's the deluxe ice cream supermarket playset that lets kids be their own boss of their own ice cream supermarket stand. Kids will love this playset simply because they love ice cream! This playset is great for creative play and kids can sell their ice cream to friends and family. It has built in lights and sound for even more realistic pretend play! Great for role playing and creates a social environment for kids. Comes with a variety of pretend ice cream, dessert, and other ice cream product. They even have a scanner and a cash register to keep track of sales!

  • Supermarket ice cream shop comes with a variety of ice cream, desserts, and other ice cream product.
  • It has built in lights and sound for even more entertainment
  • Playset also comes with a cash register and scanner, so kids can keep track of all their ice cream sale
  • Easy to assemble for parents, so kids will have more time role playing
  • Great for role playing with friends and kids can practice with their social skills.

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