Planet Pleasures Bird Tire Toy, Medium

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Natural, eco-friendly palm and abaca are used to create this natural, shredding toy for birds. The Bird Tire brightens any cage and offers relief from boredom. Two decorative stars and an abaca fiber tail lend eye-catching detail. The braided tire offers rewarding foraging opportunities to satisfy your bird's instinctual needs. Simply tuck in some of your bird's favorite rewards - such as pine nuts, almonds, or sunflower seeds - and watch your bird inquisitively seek and find them. Includes a woven hanging loop. Assorted colors. Foraging Foraging behavior is a natural instinct that birds still have from their wild past. In order for pet birds to be happy and entertained, the foraging instinct must be consistently satisfied via toys and treats that engage the mind and allow opportunities to "hunt" for food. The bonus? Mentally and physically engaged birds are less likely to experience cage boredom and the associated negative behaviors including screaming and feather picking. Playtime Recommendations Interacting with your bird is every bit as important as providing an interesting environment. The secret to keeping your bird happy is the frequency of attention, not the duration. A few minutes of attention several times daily works wonders to relieve stress. Mental growth comes from engaging in a variety of life experiences. Experiment to discover the types of toys your bird finds the most interesting and challenging. Keep in mind that no matter which toys you provide, and regardless of how intriguing, your bird will eventually tire of them. It is important not to place too many toys in the cage at once, which may over-stimulate your bird and cause stress. It's better to choose a select few and to rotate them every few days.

  • Medium measures 5.5" wide x 9.5" long
  • Hand-made from natural palm leaf
  • Helps to reduce boredom
  • Exciting color, texture and shape
  • Woven palm leaf toys intrigue the senses and stimulate the mind

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