Phoenix Electric Company Metal Halide HQI 14000K DE Bulb for Aquarium, 150-watt

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Phoenix 150 Watt Metal Halide HQI 14000K DE Bulb, this is a Double Ended Metal Halide bulb with a light output that has a nice crisp white light with a bluish tint perfect for saltwater applications Great for bringing out the coloration of your fish and corals while providing sufficient light intensity for growth. HQI, Pulse Start or electronic ballast is required for this bulb. ANSI Spec: M81. Please Note: All bulbs, just like all our products, are genuinely inspected before shipment. Please make sure your ballast is compatible with Phoenix HQI bulbs as we are not held responsible for ballast to bulb pairings.

  • AUTHENTIC Phoenix 150 Watt Metal Halide HQI 14000K DE Bulb
  • 14,000K Color Temperature
  • Made In Japan
  • Best Combo of Color and PAR
  • Crips white light w/Blue Tint

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