PetSafe Staywell Big Cat 4-Way Locking Flap, White

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Cat flap big 4way white lock.

Big Cat Door: Now with Improvements

While you’re at work, you even want your large cat to have the freedom to explore the outdoors as she needs. And even when you’re at home, you want her to enjoy the same independence when she wants to play. With the improved Big Cat Door, she can! Generously sized for large cats, the updated design has an improved, stronger flap with added weather stripping for better weather resistance. The strengthened 4-Way locks give you 4 options to control your cat’s access in and out of your home: opened, locked, in-only (cat can come in but not go out) and out-only (cat can go out but not come in).

Installation is easy:

With an improved frame design and easier assembly of the tunnel, installation is much simpler than ever before. You will have no problem installing in the most common door thicknesses with the new screw lengths and binder posts. Additionally, added screw guides help align the screws from the interior frame to the exterior frame. The updated cutting template for non-glass door installations reduces the cut-out size and increases retro-fit options to other pet doors. An improved installation manual includes enhanced written instructions, better illustrations, helpful tips, and replacement part information.

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Product Features:

  • Fits cats and small dogs up to 25 lbs.
  • 4-way lock: Open, Locked, In-only, Out-only.
  • See-though rigid flap with magnetic closure and weather stripping.
  • Interior or exterior applications.
  • Fits wooden, PVC, metal and glass doors or windows 3/16” to 2” thick.
  • Flap opening: 7-1/8”w x 7-15/16”h
  • Outer Frame: 11-3/8”w x 11-3/8”h
  • Cut-Out Size: 9” x 9 ¼” for non-glass doors and 10-1/4” diameter circle for glass
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Training your pet:

Teaching your pet to use the door is simple. You can temporarily tape the flap open and coax your pet through the door. Encourage your pet with a treat or toys. It works best if you are on one side of the door and your pet is on the other. If she will not go through the door, do not force her. Wait for her to go on her own and reward her with praise when she does.
With a little patience, you and your cat will soon enjoy the freedom and independence the Big Cat Door provides.

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What’s in the box:

  • 1 PetSafe Big Cat Door Interior Frame with flap and 4-way lock
  • 1 Exterior Frame
  • 1 Tunnel Support
  • 1 Short Plastic Core Cover
  • 1 Long Plastic Core Cover
  • 4 2-1/16” screws
  • 4 1-7/16” screws
  • 4 9/16” screws
  • 4 Screw guides
  • 4 Binder posts
  • 8 Finishing Plugs
  • 1 Cutting Template
  • 1 Installation guide

  • Now new and improved design to make installation easier
  • Updated Manual, template, and weather stripping
  • Strengthened locks and flap
  • White door for Big Cats
  • 4 Way in/out/both/locked

Staywell 900 Series Classic 4 way Locking Cat Flap
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