Petco Premium 3-in-1 Playground for Birds, 15″ L X 15″ W X 16″ H

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Petco Premium 3-in-1 Playground for Birds - Portable Bird Play Gym and Bird Play Tray Give your feathered friend a place to play outside of his cage with the Petco Premium 3-in-1 Playground for Birds. This tabletop bird play gym is ideal for small to medium pet birds to use when outside of their enclosure. Your pet will love interacting with you outside of his habitat on this bird play tray; pet-to-parent play has many benefits for birds and may help reduce boredom, anxiety and destructive behavior.The Petco 3-in1 bird play gym is designed with versatility in mind. The setup includes the base tray and frame with a rope strung from one side to the other. A ladder, swing and rope toy can be rearranged into three configurations to provide your pet with constant stimulation. Because you can continuously move the pieces around, you can use this bird play tray to exercise and engage your pet both physically and mentally.The Petco Premium 3-in-1 Playground for Birds is made with quality materials and a bird-friendly design. Natural china-fir wood is highly durable and ideal for use in a bird play gym. The cotton rope includes no artificial colors which may irritate your pet. A removable cup holds your bird's favorite snack so he can enjoy a treat while playing on his climbing frame.You will always be able to play with your pet anywhere you go with the Petco Premium 3-in-1 Playground for Birds. This bird play tray is lightweight and portable. Easily bring it out to play in your home and store it quickly and easily when you put your feathered friend in his cage. Or take it on the road with you to keep your bird occupied and entertained on your travels. Your bird will love getting out of his cage to swing, climb and play!

  • Unique design offers 3 options for configuring the playground
  • Includes a ladder, swing and dangling toy for your pet's entertainment
  • Fun bird play gym made with china-fir wood and cotton rope Portable and lightweight bird play tray design
  • Ideal for small to medium birds

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