Petco Designer Square Top Parakeet Cage, 16.5″ L X 11.8″ W X 22″ H

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Petco Designer Square Top Parakeet Cage - Parakeet Bird Cage and Parakeet Economy Cage Your feathered friend will love living in his new Petco Designer Square Top Parakeet Cage. This roomy home puts a modern spin on the traditional parakeet bird cage. The Designer Square Top parakeet economy cage provides excellent value by including everything your pet needs to be happy and stay healthy.The Petco Designer Square Top Parakeet Cage measures 16.5" long by 11.8" wide by 22" high - plenty of room for one or two parakeets. The durable wires are spaced 1/2" apart, which is ideal for keeping parakeets safe and secure. This parakeet economy cage also comes with a few homey touches to provide your bird with a comfortable living space; two dowel perches ( 1/2" thick) and two dishes for food and water come standard with this cage. The dishes feature clear hoods that help contain any mess that your feathered friend might make at mealtime.This parakeet bird cage is easy to access and maintain. You can reach your bird easily through the large front door; food and water are accessible via the two smaller front doors above the dishes. Always make sure that your parakeet has access to fresh water and food that is appropriately sized for his beak. The large plastic base features a convenient pull-out tray to make cleaning the Petco Designer Square Top Parakeet Cage both fast and hassle-free.This parakeet economy cage features an attractive, modern design with ornate detailing on the front doors to echo classic bird cages. The space-saving design provides your parakeet with plenty of living room while taking up very little area on a countertop or stand. This cage features ample vertical space inside if you want to add any hanging toys or treats for your bird. The sleek, black finish makes this parakeet bird cage a great addition to any room and style of decor.

  • Spacious parakeet bird cage perfect for your feathered friend
  • Stylish square design and black finish will look great in any home
  • Complete with two perches and two dishes for food and water
  • Multiple access doors decorated with ornate detail Pull-out plastic tray for easy cleaning
  • All-inclusive parakeet economy cage features everything your bird needs in a home

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