Petco Designer Mink Brown Standing Parrot Cage

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Petco Designer Mink Brown Standing Parrot Cage - Parrot Bird Cage & Play Top Bird CageSupport your pet parrot's happiness and overall well-being with the Petco Designer Mink Brown Standing Parrot Cage. This big, beautiful parrot bird cage provides your feathered friend with lots of room to play, perch and observe. Its beautiful design will also make this play top bird cage the center of attention in any room.Parrots, like all pet birds, need plenty of space to spread their wings and move in order to feel content. The Petco Designer Mink Brown Standing Parrot Cage provides lots of room for play as well as three different perches, so your pet can rest and try out different observation points. When you add toys and treats (sold separately) to the removable toy holder that comes with this parrot bird cage, your parrot will have everything needed to stay entertained and happy.This big, beautiful parrot bird cage is not only functional, but it also boasts stylish good looks. The warm brown hue and elegant design will draw the eye to the cage and its colorful resident. The standalone play top bird cage comes with easy rolling casters, so you can easily put it in the perfect spot in your home. The wheels also let you conveniently move the cage if you want to enjoy your pet in a different room.One of the unique features of the Petco Designer Mink Brown Standing Parrot Cage is the outside play area at the top of the cage, which includes a perch and two food dishes. Multiple access doors allow you to easily and safely bring your bird out of the cage for direct interaction. The play top bird cage gives your pet a nice resting option while outside the cage, as well as access to food and water.The cage includes a total of five stainless steel food/water dishes. Small access doors in the cage allow you to conveniently clean out and replace the food and water dishes without risking a parrot escape. Even cage cleaning is relatively painless. This cage features a pull-out tray and gr

  • Spacious parrot bird cage that is ideal for small parrots, large parrots or cockatiels
  • Play top bird cage comes with stand and easy rolling casters
  • Features three perches and five food/water dishes
  • Multiple entry doors for easy access to your pet parrot
  • Pull out tray and grate for easy cleaning and maintenance