Penn-Plax Bird Activity Center – Large

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Penn Plax® Bird Activity Centers create a fun and exciting out-of-cage experience for your favorite parakeet, cockatiel or other small-to-medium size bird. Avalaible in four sizes, these activity centers feature durable & brightly colored ladders, swings, cotton ropes and toys that provide fun and safetly for your pet. Exercise is important to your pet and these activity centers can help to relieve stress & boredom, and may help to reduce bird vices. This Extra Large Bird Activity Center kit includes a large sturdy wooden base with an easy to clean floor panel, two ladders for climbing, cotton rope with multiple acrylic toys, a real copper bell, a feeding dish and more! Easy to assemble and even easier to clean, these activity centers are made from 100% pet-safe materials and can be easily disassembled for storage. Great for one or two small-to-medium birds that play well together. Base measures approximately 19" x 15" and stands apporximately 12" high when assembled.

  • Provides fun & exercise for your cockatiel or medium bird.
  • Includes ladders, swing, cotton rope, acrylic toy & real copper bell.
  • Bright multi-colored wood construction with an easy-to-clean base.
  • Can greatly reduce your bird's boredom & anxiety and help reduce bird vices.
  • Easy to assemble and made from 100% bird safe materials.

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