Pecute Egg Incubator 7 Eggs Mini Hatcher Temperature Control Quail Incubator for Poultry Chicken

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Power: ≦20W
Frequency: 50HZ / 60HZ
Voltage: AC 110V / AC 230V
Temperature: 38℃±1℃ (0℃--40℃ Adjustable)
Material: Plastics
Size: 165*165*160 mm

Package Including
1 X Egg Incubator
1 X Manual
Press-button Introductions
1."Set" ----Temperature setting button. Press "Set" once, blue light comes out and you can do temperature settings, Press "+" or "-"to adjust temperature, press "Set" again to save data and exit.
2."+"----Press it to increase temperature.
3."-"----Press it to decrease temperature.
Operation Introductions
1.Plug it into AC220V, the red light comes out and the machine will be in operation mode (the heater inside starts to work).
2.Please add water when you start to use it.
3.Please preheat before the machine start to work, check it's 38℃ or not, if not, pls set it to be 38℃ according to press-button instruction.
4.Please turn off the power after preheating. Fill the water pan with water, put it under the egg tray and put eggs into egg tray, then put on the lid of machine and turn on power.

  • The egg for hatching must be fertilized eggs. Number of Hatch: 4 normal-sized or 7 mini-sized eggs
  • Nonautomatic Turning Hatcher. Please turning eggs manually and add water every one to two days
  • Attention:Remember to turn off power every time before opening lid of machine
  • Accessories can be replaced for free. Please contact us at first time if you have any trouble on the item, we will solve it immediately
  • Package Including 1 X Egg Incubator, 1 X Manual

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